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Clean Building Innovation Fund (CBBIF)

Intake for the CBBIF Grant will be opening soon! Is your business ready?

CCBIF Grant Readiness Assessment

The BC Government has earmarked $2.2 Billion to fund climate-fighting activities. Is your business ready to apply for this Grant funding?

In BC’s 2022 budget, a key mandate of the province is to strengthen environmental initiatives by investing in climate-fighting activities for a better BC.

$2.3 Billion dollars has been earmarked to support the Roadmap to 2030, and one of the programs that have been accepting applications from BC Forestry and Manufacturing companies is the Clean Building Innovation Fund (CBBIF).

This program is expected to open for intake in late 2022, and while changes to this year’s application are not yet confirmed, BC Wood supporters,

Granted Consulting wants to help BC Wood supporters navigate all the changes in this year’s application and help your gain access to these funds.

To qualify, please fill out the “CCBIF Grant Readiness Assessment form” so that a Granted team member can reach out and to review granting opportunities for your business, including the CBBIF.

For more information about how Granted can help the CleanTech industry, please visit our Clean Tech Page.

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