There are training programs in Canada that could reimburse employers for eligible training programs to a maximum of $10,000 per person and potentially up to 100% of costs could be covered.

Here are some general criteria that apply to Canadian training grants:

Employer Eligibility
  • At the time of application, employers must have been registered with the province (e.g. BC Registry Services) for at least one year AND have a business licence for at least one year.
Training Eligibility
  • Eligible training includes Essential Skills, Technical Skills (ie. specialized machinery and software technology), and Management/Business Skills.
  • Participants cannot repeat the same or substantially the same training previously approved by similar training program(s)
  • Ineligible training includes: consulting, conferences, mentoring, trade shows, practicums, annual meetings, business activities, and training for personal interest
  • Training must be provided in B.C., with the exception of highly technical training that is not available in B.C. Travel costs outside of B.C. may be covered only for this type of training and if the participant meets the criteria below.
Participant Eligibility
  • Participants must benefit from the training that results in:
    • Increased job security
    • Increased job-related skills
    • Increase in pay
    • Promotion to another position
    • Move from part-time to full-time employment
    • Move from temporary/casual/seasonal employment
  • Cannot be an immediate family member of the employer
  • Cannot be enrolled in another federal or provincial training program

Note: If you have previously applied for previous grant programs and have paperwork outstanding or your trainees did not complete the trainings, you may be ineligible for the grant this year. Contact us if this is the case.

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