Be a hero and get your clients thousands of dollars to spend on training with you! Send this to your clients who are ready to get their ‘share of the grant pie’!

Subject: Successful Grant Process – Action Required

[Client First Name],

As per our conversation, we recommend Granted Consulting to help you with the onerous application process for the training grant (and possibly other grants for your business).


Why work with Granted?

  1. Success rate of over 95% for this program
  2. Success based fee structure
  3. Streamlines process to get from application to cheque faster

They will work with you to ensure a complete application is developed to maximize your chance of success. The training grant is competitive and often sold out within weeks of launching, therefore I recommend you complete these steps by [DUE DATE].

Next Steps:
1) Apply for your BCeID which is required to apply for the grant. Hint: Review the ‘Registration Checklist’ in advance to avoid a 3 week delay.
2) Contact Granted by filling in this form:
3) Confirm training/coaching start dates with me.

Companies like yours have successfully applied for thousands of dollars with Granted’s help. I want you to have the same access as you grow your business and encourage dedicate 10 minutes to complete the steps above as funding is very limited.

[Your Name]