Leverage funding for Clearmind workshops and training and you may get parts of your cost covered for you and your staff. Clearmind International Institute is a company offering innovative educational and psychotherapeutic programs using an experiential spiritual/transpersonal paradigm. Clearmind delivers personal growth workshops, counsellor practitioner training, relationship training and leadership training. Granted has partnered with Clearmind to manage the grant application process for participants interested in taking any training from Clearmind.

Who We Are:

Granted Consulting provides a service that generates grant money for Canadian businesses. We leverage available government funding for those who fit the grant criteria, reducing overhead, and improving the success of businesses. Our team manages the application process from start to payment reconciliation. We also share information about new grants that could benefit your organization on an ongoing basis. Since 2012, we have helped more than 700 companies save nearly $10.0 MM in grants, and our success rate is over 90%.

How We Work:

Our job is to help you secure a funding agreement to subsidize your training costs. Granted saves you time with research, application preparation, and reimbursement paperwork. We’re well connected with the grant community and stay up to date with criteria so you don’t have to.

The fee for our services is a small percentage of your approved funding agreement. If we are unsuccessful in securing your funding agreement, no fee is charged to you. It’s risk-free!

Why Work With Us:

Click here for a list of features and benefits on why you should work with us.

To qualify:

  • Business must be established as a business entity for at least 1 year
  • Business must have existing or new staff to send to any Clearmind workshops and training

Note: Grant funding intakes and adjudication criteria could change at any time, filling in the form below does not represent a submission.