The Digital WIL internship offers salary subsidies to hire students or recent grads (max 1 year from time of placement) from Canadian post-secondary institutions for businesses in high growth sectors (see below). The program is intended to provide post-secondary students with practical work experience so that they are more prepared to enter the workforce, particularly in the identified industry segments.

  • General: it reimburses up to 50% of wages (or up to $5,000)
  • Underrepresented Groups*: it reimburses up to 70% of wages (or up to $7,000)

*a) Women in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); b) Indigenous students; c) recent immigrants (arrived in Canada < 5 years); d) persons with disabilities; and e) first-year students.

Applications are now being accepted. You must have a candidate in mind to submit an application.

Please see below for the eligibility criteria for the program: 

High Growth Sectors (or relevant project areas):

  • Intelligent Retailing (E-Commerce)
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Fintech
  • Entertainment & Gaming
  • Cybersecurity
  • Connected Transportation
  • Biotechnology
  • e-Health
  • Clean Technology
Internship Details
  • Placement can be part-time or full-time
  • Position must either be technology relevant or the employer must be in the technology industry (flexible)
  • Mentor provided by employer to guide and advise intern
Eligible Applicants
  • For-profits, non-profits, and charities
  • Workplace insurance (WorkSafe BC (BC), WCB (Alberta), or equivalent
  • Operate from a commercially leased/owned space with general liability insurance coverage
Participant Eligibility
  • Current full-time students enrolled in a Canadian post-secondary program or recent post-secondary graduates (max. 1 year from placement date)
  • Canadian Citizen, Permanent Resident (no work permit holder), or refugee