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Grants Canada

For companies that want to take advantage of business grants Canada has a variety of federal and provincial funding options.


Business Grants Canada

Too many businesses around the country miss out on millions of dollars of free government money because it is hard to navigate all of the different funding options.

Instead of spending days and weeks filling out applications, companies can leverage our experienced consultants who will manage the full grant process from beginning to end. Our business grant consultants have helped companies secure $15 million in funding.


Types of Funding

Canadian government grants are a reflection of their strategic priorities and the kind of results they want to see in targeted sectors. While there are many kinds of projects that are funded by business grants Canada, these are the common types of initiatives that are supported:

Adoption of innovative equipment

Research and development

Hiring and training employees

Activities that focus on business expansion in domestic and international markets

Providing highly skilled jobs and long term employment opportunities


Business Grants Canada Specialists

After submitting over 6,000 successful grant applications for clients, we know what government funders are looking for. During the initial consultation, we learn about your business in detail and determine your priorities so we can identify all of the grants you are eligible for. From there, we simply take care of the full application process.

Our team is always up to speed on the latest programs you could apply for and we personally update you with the most relevant grant information. This way, you never have to miss a deadline and opportunity to get free money.

All awarded grants require some kind of report on progress, whether it is monthly, at set dates or when the project has been completed. We guide companies on how to properly set up a data collection and reporting system that comply with the grant’s requirements.

To receive business grants from the Canadian government, it’s important to have good financial performance that is demonstrated by a current balance sheet. Our team will work with you to ensure enough financial information is provided for applications.

An effective grant application is not just about describing a plan and budget. We always tell a compelling story about a project and how it will have an impact on technological advancements, productivity or employment opportunities.


Who We Serve

At Granted, we work with companies that are seeking business grants and meet the following criteria:

Established and registered with the city and province for at least 2 years

Planning to hire or train their full-time employees

Expanding their products/services outside of Canada

Have at least 5 full-time employees

Have annual revenues of $500,000+


Connect With Us

We are happy to answer any questions you have and a team member at Granted will connect with you within 2 business days.

Please contact us and we can assess your organization’s eligibility for a business expansion grant.