Happy International Women’s Day 2021

Granted prides itself in being a women-led business, founded by Stephanie Sang in 2011.

This month we honour women from the past and present, who’ve broken barriers and laid the foundation for our company and many others to thrive. Without the presence of amazing women in our professional and personal circles, we would not be able to reach the milestones that we have today. 

There are various funding opportunities available both federally and regionally like the Visa • IFundWomen Canada Grant Program. Most small to medium-sized enterprises are eligible for grants, but most of them do not apply because they believe they do not qualify. This has prevented many from accessing funds that they could potentially utilize to alleviate major costs during this difficult time.

Lasting influences of hiring/workplace practices have led to women still only making 0.87 cents for every dollar a man makes on average. This has led to women being underrepresented in positions of leadership as only 15% of SMEs are female-run. 

According to the Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub (WEKH),

“Women are less likely to seek and receive financing than men (32.6% vs. 38%) and firms owned by men are more likely to receive venture capital or angel funding and other forms of leverage such as trade credit or capital leasing”.

The federal government of Canada has committed to providing over $1 billion in financing to women-run businesses. This initiative in the long run can help stabilize and expand many enterprises. And thankfully, Granted can help SMEs seamlessly apply and access the best grants in various industries.

There are many ways to learn more about funding and how it can help your business. Our Grant Angel Stephanie Sang will be on a Q&A panel for the Forum for Women Entrepreneurs (FWE)‘s #MoneyMoves Program on March 11th at 9 AM PST. This engaging course will provide key information on grants and other various types of funding to help women-led businesses prosper.

Thank you to all the women on our team who have helped Granted grow into the company that it is today! And thank you to all of our wonderful influencers and partners that have collaborated with us and have helped many SMEs #GetGranted. 

Find out more about the event at http://fwe.ca/money-moves