Hiring Grants


There are a variety of hiring grants to help small and medium-sized businesses recruit more staff


Hiring Grants

Because job creation is very important for the federal and provincial government, there are a variety of hiring grants to help small and medium-sized businesses recruit more staff. These grants subsidize salary or training expenses, particularly for youth and recent post-secondary graduates.

Many companies make the mistake of assuming their hiring initiatives don’t qualify for government grants, particularly because of how hard it is to keep up-to-date on what programs are currently available. Our experienced grant consultants are always up to speed on available funding and have helped secure millions of dollars in hiring grants for Canadian businesses.


Benefits of
Hiring Grants

Hiring grants can help businesses get the staff they need to complete more projects, improve operational efficiency and meet more of their company objectives. These are the common ways businesses have benefited from grant funding:

Skills gap

Projects are often delayed because of a lack of technical skills and market information. Businesses can leverage hiring grants to employ qualified people to complete various projects such as research, developing international revenue streams and performing technical commercialization activities.

Summer jobs

Hiring grants help companies provide summer jobs to enable youth to develop their skills and gain work experience. Summer students can help companies in various ways including cleaning up a backlog of files, executing delayed projects from inadequate staff resources and filling in for employees on vacation in a cost-effective way.

Post-secondary graduates

There are various hiring grants that help employers hire recent post-secondary graduates. This group of workers can add tremendous value to companies by contributing fresh ideas, a motivating attitude and technical knowledge to projects.  Recent graduates are also able to learn quickly and adapt to new technologies, which are necessary skills in many industries.


Hiring Grant Specialists

Lack of time and awareness about available funding are the main reasons why companies miss out on free money. It’s no easy task keeping track of the various employment grants available and whether or not your business even qualifies for them.

Even if you do know which programs your company qualifies for, it’s highly time consuming to find supporting documents and write out a high quality grant application. Rushed writing and a lack of strategy often leads to a rejected application.

Sometimes the government will add a larger amount of funding for short periods of time to create more jobs or support internship positions in in-demand fields. We are up to date with all of these changes so you don’t have to worry about missing any opportunities to access free money, even with a short window to apply.

Our experienced consultants have helped companies secure millions in hiring grants. Hiring grants are typically for positions that:

  • Have a flexible start date
  • Are designed for ‘youth’ (30 years and younger) or entry-level positions
  • Improve the skills relevant to the hire’s current role and future job opportunities


Who We Serve

At Granted Consulting, we work with companies that are seeking hiring grants and meet the following criteria:

At least 5 full-time employees

Annual revenues of $500,000+

Established and registered with the city and province for at least 2 years

Planning to hire or train their full-time employees

Expanding their products/services outside of Canada


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