Hiring one-off

About Grant 'One-Offs'

One-offs are for organizations that want help with a single grant but don’t want to commit to our annual full service offering right away. Our one-offs have a success-based fee upon approval of funding.

Hiring Grants


75 - 100% wage subsidies focused on hiring students, recent graduates and other 'youth' that are 30 or under


Typically covers $3,000 - $10,000 for temporary placements like co-ops or internships


Typically covers $3,000 - $10,000 for temporary placements like co-ops or internships


Reach out to us 1 - 2 months before you plan on hiring

*Maximum grant value can change throughout the year depending on availability.

How to work with us

Your steps:


Send us details to get started (job description, ideal start date, candidate info, etc.)


Interview candidates and choose one to hire (the candidate must be hired AFTER the grant has been approved).


You'll receive an acceptance email, which you'll forward to us. At this point, we charge a success-based fee to be paid within 30 days.

Hire your candidates!

Our steps:


We will evaluate it & match it up with the best hiring grant for your business as well as create the grant application and send it to you for approval.


We will call the candidate to ensure eligibility and submit the full grant application.


We submit your employee's pay stubs for reimbursements to ensure you get the claim.

It's that easy!

Prerequisite Checklist:

  • Registered Canadian Business

  • Wanting to hire in the next 1-2 months

  • Capacity to recruit, train, and pay intern initially

    (costs will be reimbursed based on grant amount)

  • Funded employees must be new and on payroll

    (contractors do not qualify)

Craig Patterson Editor-In-Chief | Retail Insider

"Before Granted, our company didn’t access grants because we weren't aware of what was available, nor did we have the bandwidth to handle the paperwork and necessary reporting. It has changed us in so many ways — we have been able to expand our publication with new activities, and we've been able to hire assistance to further help, maintain and grow our publication.”

    Ready to start?

    Get started by sending an email to admin@granted.ca with the following:

    1. Job description
    2. Ideal start date for candidate
    3. Hours per week of candidate
    4. Wage of candidate
    5. CV of candidate