Market Expansion

Market Expansion Grants

Companies can take advantage of government grants for market expansion in a variety of sectors, particularly in agriculture, information communication technologies, manufacturing and life sciences.


Market Expansion Grants

While scaling up your business at a domestic or global level is a tremendous opportunity to increase sales, it requires a lot of financing. Rather than getting expensive loans through a financial institution or private lender, you can leverage an interest-free business expansion grant from the federal and provincial government. Grants can range from $20,000 to $200,000. 

Too many companies are often missing opportunities to get free money simply because they are not aware of all the funding that can help them grow or don’t have the time to apply. That’s why many of them have turned to us to take care of the full application process from beginning to end so they can focus on running their business. 

Our team has secured millions of dollars in government grants for business expansion and we keep our clients updated on new programs that they can qualify for. This way, they don’t have to keep checking manually for funding. We have primarily worked with:

  • Agri-food growers, producers and processors
  • Diverse tech companies including those producing hardware, software, gaming, entertainment and AR/VR
  • Service providers who are growing internationally
  • Magazine publishers


Types of Market
Expansion Grants

It’s challenging for many businesses to get to the next level because of limited cash flow. That’s why government grants support a variety of business growth projects including expanding facilities, adopting new technologies or expanding into new markets.

These are just a few of the ways federal and provincial government grants for business expansion have helped companies offset their costs:

Marketing and trade shows

A marketing business expansion grant helps companies gain visibility in domestic and international trade shows including government-led trade missions. Grants help cover the cost of attending events, related expenses and translating marketing materials.


Many businesses often cannot get to the next stage of the commercialization process because of limited cash flow. Because innovation is important at federal and provincial levels, there are government grants for business expansion that support product development and commercialization activities.

Expand Export Activities

Once companies commercialize their products, they can tap into funding that can help them enter international markets and expand export opportunities. Third-party certification is essential to meet international market requirements and the right grant can help complete this process.


Market Expansion Grant Specialists

Grants offer many opportunities for businesses to grow without giving up equity and profits, but the application process is often time-consuming and challenging to navigate.

That’s where Granted comes in. Once we learn about your business and projects in detail, we will compile all of the eligible grants you qualify for and take care of the full application process.

Our team is always up to date on changing criteria and new funding programs so you never have to worry about missing another opportunity to get free money.


Who We Serve

At Granted, we work with companies that are seeking government grants for business expansion and meet the following criteria:

At least 5 full-time employees

Annual revenues of $500,000+

Established and registered with the city and province for at least 2 years

Planning to hire or train their full-time employees

Expanding their products/services outside of Canada


Ready to Get ‘Granted’?

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