Our Team

Our Team

Managing the grant application process from A to Z

About Us

Our founder, Stephanie Sang, established Granted Consulting in 2011 and envisioned a community of business owners who not only leverage grants to grow, but also included grants strategically into their financial resource plans. Initially, Granted focused on small companies to help busy business owners manage the complicated and confusing application process. As the company grew, larger businesses approached Granted with the same needs, expressing that they also did not have the capacity or know-how to find the right programs for their business, let alone apply for them.

Unfortunately, grants are not taught in business school, which is why many companies find it difficult to manage the research and application process. Therefore, we have built our internal systems to simplify the grant process from research to final reconciliation and serve as an accurate GPS to help them navigate to the right opportunities.

Our Team of Grant Angels:

Granted is comprised of a team of multilingual grant strategists with experience in various industries. We recognized that many business owners prefer working with us in their native language, as well as consult with someone who understands specific business needs. Granted offers services in the following languages: English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, and Hindi.


Stephanie Sang

CEO and Grant Angel

Stephanie, a true Vancouverite, vowed never to be an entrepreneur, though she comes from four generations of business owners. Stephanie holds a degree in international marketing, and worked in various industries including tourism and technology, before establishing herself in a VP role with an international manufacturer in Taiwan. After ten years of fast-paced Asian living, and success in developing her family business to pre-IPO stage, she returned to Vancouver in 2010 to start Granted Consulting. As head ‘grant angel’, Stephanie and her team impact businesses in B.C. by helping them leverage grant opportunities successfully. Stephanie inspires to grow a business that integrates both technology and white-glove service to cater to the needs of the market.

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Natalie Smith

 Business Operations Manager

Natalie joined our team after relocating at the beginning of 2020 to Vancouver. Originally from London, England, her background is in HR, Recruitment and Office Management. Natalie enjoys the variety her role has here at Granted and having to wear many hats within the business. Her previous work in operational roles adds to Granted’s ability to build systems so that our clients can leverage our services with greater efficiency.

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Cory Koesdibyo

Senior Strategy Consultant

Cory Koesdibyo is a Senior Strategy Consultant and team lead here at Granted. Before joining Granted, he ran his own outdoor adventure business that spanned across Canada and the US. With his background in entrepreneurship, project management and consultation he has been a key player in our continued development of strategic partnerships, customer success initiatives, and continued expansion.

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Matthew Yeung

Research Lead

Since completing his undergrad at UBC, Matthew has worked in various research roles exploring the applications of psychometric profiling techniques in alternative financial data. Having worked in tech startups, he truly understands the importance of grant funding and understands the customer pain points. Matthew aims to use his research experience to help more businesses get the funding they need and to help Granted expand its national coverage.

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Jerry Liu

Senior Grant Coordinator

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jerry is a Vancouverite with an enthusiastic attitude mixed with a hard-working spirit. He has a diverse background in many industries such as Retail, Embroidery, Fitness, and VFX. Having obtained knowledge on how types of different companies run their operations, he hopes to share his past experiences and bring new perspectives to the team. His work experience includes Client Services, Account Management, Operations Support, and Office Coordinating. He enjoys the variety that comes with his role and is eager to add to his knowledge of Grants. With the constant growth of Granted, Jerry is excited for the endless possibilities that lie ahead for the team.

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Kendall Chapman

Grant Coordinator

Kendall was born in Vancouver but has zig-zagged her way back and forth between the United States and Canada for most of her life. After eleven long years in Buffalo, New York (GO BILLS!), she made the decision to attend Capilano University for Motion Picture Arts in North Vancouver. After hardly any deliberation and being unable to resist the mythical magnetic pull from the mountains, she decided to return to her roots and come back to Vancouver. Her background is filled with administrative and customer support positions that allowed her to springboard into her role at Granted. She enjoys the “jack of all trades” feeling of her current position because it lines up with her ability to adapt to any situation or need that may arise.

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Erin Bedard

Grant Coordinator

Erin Bedard is a Grant Coordinator here at Granted Consulting. Over the past few years Erin has obtained a diploma in Environmental Studies and a Bachelors degree in Geography and Environmental Studies from the University of Victoria. Having collaborated with many community-based organizations, Erin knows the value that grants have for business owners. She enjoys the variety of work that she gets to do at Granted and is thrilled to be working in an industry that helps other businesses succeed.

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Ashpreet Thind

Grant Coordinator 

An SFU graduate, Ashpreet grew up in Vancouver, and can’t imagine calling anyplace else home. From past work, lived experiences, and volunteer work, Ashpreet has learned to be adaptable, caring, and efficient which allows her to succeed in her role as a Grant Coordinator. She has a wide variety of hobbies (digital painting, embroidery, and collaborative storytelling to name just a few) and is always looking to learn new skills!

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Jostenn Herritt

Data Scientist

Originally from the East Coast, Jostenn has a background in chemical engineering and has spent the last six years in the Bay Area at a tech company. After transitioning into Data Science, he is excited to further develop Granted’s business analytics so that the team can help as many people as effectively and efficiently as possible. You can find him in the mountains biking or snowboarding.

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Marley Lightfoot

Lead Grant Writer & Researcher

Marley joined Granted in 2020 and shortly thereafter moved to Quebec City. Originally from Vancouver, her background is in urban forestry and sustainability modelling, having worked for non-profits in BC and Canada. Outside of work you can find her exploring the East Coast with her partner Cam and puppies Ted and Dave, and investing in real estate.

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Clara Belluco

Grant Strategy Consultant

Clara is originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and has been in Vancouver for almost two years. She speaks English, Portuguese, Spanish and “un petit peu” of French. After graduating in Psychology, Clara found her calling working in Human Resources, where she felt very accomplished by being able to help people find fulfilling jobs, propel their careers and prosper in their lives. With an MBA in Human Resources Management, she led recruitment, training, learning and development initiatives for over 7 years. What excites her about Granted is being able to support clients in expanding their business, driving growth and developing their team member’s talent through grant funding. 

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Sarah Tambur

Grant Strategy Consultant

Born and raised in Toronto, Sarah headed to BC to be closer to the great outdoors. Starting her career in the automotive industry, moving into hospitality, and later into corporate events, Sarah’s professional experiences helped her find her way to Granted when she moved to Vancouver in 2020. Passionate about customer service and a keen problem-solver, Sarah is a strong believer in equal opportunity and uses her skills to help businesses leverage grants so they can grow and succeed.

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Jaime Lysak

Grant Strategy Consultant

Jaime Lysak is a Grant Strategy Consultant at Granted. Prior to joining Granted, he worked in the financial business industry at local and international banks. With his background in banking, portfolio management and strategic planning he has been managing a book of service-based clients, developing relationships with them, and ensuring our solutions meet their grant needs in terms of hiring, training and market expansion.

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