Subsidizing Training Costs via Grants

As a private training provider, your training may be able to be subsidized under the Canada Job Grant or Employer Training Grant, which reimburses employers up to 100% of training expenses, to a maximum of $10,000 per person.

Please see below for the eligibility criteria for the grants. We will update this section if the rules change.

The requirements which training providers must meet are rigorous, and it is essential that you are aware of the eligibility requirements and are able to prepare the necessary documentation required for submission. Our aim is to help you, and your clients, navigate the grant application process and to make the experience as seamless as possible for all involved.

Please see below for the benefits of meeting eligibility criteria under this grant, and the requirements that you will need to meet before an application for your training can be submitted. Unfortunately, we are unable to build these materials for you, but we can give feedback to your existing materials and make recommendations.

Benefits for You

Increased Revenue

With lower costs, employers can take more training.

Larger market

With lower costs, more potential clients can now access your training.

Competitive Advantage

This differentiates your training program from competitors.

To be aligned with the eligibility of these programs, the first step is to be aware of what is required on your website and course outline. The below criteria are accurate as of February 2019. Please note that there may be changes in eligibility in the future and we will post updates on this website. 

On Your Website


Ensure that it is clear on your homepage that you provide Training as one of your primary business activities. Ideally, the word “Training” is in your main menu and not hidden under a separate link (i.e. “Services”). 

Training Modules and Instructor Bio

In the “Training” section, include details on the content and structure of your training courses. If providing customized training, list the modules that your clients can choose from.Please also include an instructor bio on the website of the course.  


Pricing information must be available on your website. If providing customized training, list a starting price per person or per group size.

Course Outline

Course outlines must be provided with each application. The outlines should provide the following information:

  • training program description & learning objectives
  • program structure, including: 
    • description of each module with instructional hours and learning outcomes
    • delivery methods for each module (e.g., classroom, online)
  • assessment/evaluation methods
  • total training duration (start date and end date)
  • total training hours
  • total program cost (specify if tax is included)
  • instructor bio: should be qualified and have the educational and/or technical credential to teach the course – see below for more detail
  • course capacity (number of trainees in course)

Instructor Bio

For training less than $4,000

  • A certificate, diploma or relevant post-secondary education; AND
  • 2 years of full time work experience teaching or instructing the training
  • 5 years of full time work experience delivering training, or
  • For specialized or technical training: 5 years of full time work experience in an occupation relevant to the training

For training $4,000 or more

  • Graduate degree or higher directly related to the subject matter; AND
  • 5 years of full time work experience direclty related to the training
  • 10 years of full time work experience delivering training, or
  • For specialized or technical training: 10 years of full time work experience in an occupation relevant to the training

Contact Us
Please contact us at with your course outline and link to your website, so that we can review before submitting your client’s application. In order to ensure highest success for your clients, we will not submit an application until the above are completed