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Financial Aid
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The Canada Periodical Fund has three categories of grants that provide aid to publishers in Canada. At Granted Consulting, we focus on helping clients access paid print and online magazine grants.


Financial Aid to Publishers

Our experienced grant consultants have helped secure over $500,000 in grant aid to publishers. We ensure that publishing companies never miss an opportunity to access free money by managing the full grant application process from start to finish.


Federal Grants

The Canada Periodical Fund provides grants to Canada print magazines, non-daily newspapers and digital periodicals to help them to overcome market challenges. The goal of the grants is to ensure that people have access to diverse Canada editorial content.

There are three categories of grants and each of them have their own eligibility criteria.

Canada Periodical Fund: Aid to Publishers

Canada Periodical Fund Aid to Publishers provides eligible publishers of print magazines and non-daily newspapers with the funding they need to produce and distribute high-quality, Canada editorial content for Canada readers.

Publishers can tap into the Canada Periodical Fund Aid to Publishers to support the content creation process, production, distribution, online activities and business development.

Canada Periodical Fund: Business Innovation

Business Innovation grants provide funding to eligible small and mid-sized printed magazine and digital periodical publishers. These publishing and writing grants encourage innovation to support changing market conditions and contribute to the diversity of content that Canada readers enjoy.

If your company is a startup, there are supports available under this fund to help aspiring and emerging publishers to launch and improve a digital periodical.

Canada Periodical Fund: Collective Initiatives

The Collective Initiatives category funds projects for organizations to increase the overall sustainability of the Canada magazine and non-daily newspaper industries.

Some of the objectives of these initiatives include supporting projects that will test digital opportunities and provide professional development for the industry.


Grant Specialists for Publishers

Never miss another opportunity to get free money from provincial grant programs and the Canada Periodical Fund Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation, Collective Initiatives funding categories. Most of the grants we have secured for clients are from the Business Innovation category.

Whether you are looking for aid to publishers for writing a book or transitioning your publication to go online, our team will have a thorough consultation with you to identify all of the funding that you qualify for. We will keep you updated on new grants that provide aid to publishers and changing funding criteria so you don’t have to track all of this information.

All of the financial aid to publishers have detailed application requirements and some initiatives may require that you have other funding sources. If your company doesn’t comply with all of the grant conditions simply because information was missing, it can result in a rejected application.

Rather than spending hours and days making sense of all of the information and sifting through documents, our experienced consultants will manage the entire application process for you.


Who We Work With

Many publishers find it challenging to navigate all of the grants from Canada Periodical Fund Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation, Collective Initiatives. We mainly work with publishers with the following characteristics:

Paid print or online publication

Been in business for at least two years

The desire to implement projects that would increase the use of technology, increase readership or provide more opportunities to Canada writers

Have $100,000+ in annual revenues

Planning to hire or train their full-time employees

Expanding their publications domestically and internationally


Connect With Us

We are happy to answer any questions you have and a team member at Granted will connect with you within 2 business days.

Please fill out the form below and we can assess your organization’s eligibility to get funding from Canada Periodical Fund Aid to Publishers, Business Innovation, Collective Initiatives as well as other provincial grants.