As our client, we want your Granted Consulting experience to be amazing! We look forward to helping you tap into the most suitable grants for your company and business needs.

Your main contacts:

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Grant Consultant 

Who: Your personal advisor for all grant inquiries. They are  your main contact for all applications until the point of approval.

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Admin Team

Who: They help prepare your paperwork after grant funding approval to ensure that your reimbursement documentation is accurately submitted. S/he is your main contact for all applications after approval.

How Granted Works With You

Granted Process (online)

When You Should Talk to Us

We will reach out to you when new hiring, training, and market expansion programs launch. We ask that you also reach out to us so that we can better advise you on your plans.

Let us know when you plan to…


Hire new staff

When? When you start your recruitment process, ideally 4-6 weeks before start date.

Take training courses

When? Thinking about professional development or skills upgrading for your staff or yourself? Ideally, plan one quarter to two weeks in advance and let us know.


Expand your Market

When? Do you have plans to invest in new activities to expand your domestic or international market share. Give us as much notice as possible and we can advise if you are eligible for marketing expansion programs.

What We Ask From You

Grants are all about deadlines! To ensure the entire application process is seamless, timely communication is key. Many companies have missed out on grants because they were too slow to respond when investing in hiring, training, or market expansion activities. We ask that you:

Follow through with your approved grant activities. If these change, you may not receive your funding. Additionally, since our job is to secure you a funding agreement, we invoice you based on the approved funding even if you do not follow through. 

Respond to our calls and emails within 2 business days. We will do the same. This ensures the government deadlines are not missed, and you do not lose your money.

Have access to a computer. Most grant applications require you to submit online. Let us know if you don’t have access to a computer and we will try our very best to accommodate your needs.

Update us on any changes in your company, or changes to grant activities. If we don’t hear from you, we will assume that nothing has changed. It is your responsibility to inform us of changes to the main point of contact, company details or activities carried out under a grant.

Give us feedback. We ask for quick and easy feedback on a regular basis so that we can constantly improve our services.

Our Payment Structure

We are success-based, which means that we charge a percentage of the government-approved funding. Please refer to your contract for your percentage fee.

Before we begin preparing your grant application, we issue a small deposit for your application. If we are successful in securing a funding agreement (i.e. grant approval), the deposit will be applied towards the outstanding balance of our final invoice.

If we are unsuccessful in securing an approval, the deposit will either be: a) held as a deposit for future grant applications; or b) refunded if you do not anticipate any further grant applications with us

For larger grants (primarily market expansion programs) that require more preparation time, we generally take a retainer, which is non-refundable if we are unsuccessful in securing funding. This is in addition to our success-based percentage fee above.

Your Grant Consultant will discuss the rates of each deposit and/or retainer prior to starting any work.