Success Based Fee Structure

We believe that business owners don’t want to risk paying for something without some guarantee of a return on investment. This structure allows us to work with clients so that our ‘win-win’ mandate is sustained. Contact Us for details.

Application Retainer Fee

For grant applications that require a large commitment of time, we charge an Application Retainer Fee that is not dependent on the success of obtaining funding. This is ideal for clients who want the experience of our grant consultants to put together a strong application and understand that grant restrictions and our need to cover committed consultant time prevents us from using the Success Based Structure.

Monthly Retainer Fee (minimum 6 months)

This method is ideal for organizations who have specific needs that they want us to proactively and consistently be looking for new funding opportunities to fulfill. Since we limit our intake to just one company per industry, you can be sure you’ll be the first to know of grant programs ahead of your competitors.