After an extremely successful 4 years of this program, the Employer Training Grant (previously BC Canada Jobs Grant) is expected to continue for 2019.  There have been numerous changes to the program highlighted below. To increase the success of your course(s) being approved by this program, we recommend a review of your marketing materials be conducted and feedback implemented before any applications are submitted to the program.

Application intake should open in Q1 2019 for courses that start after April 1, 2019. 

Last Updated on: April 5, 2018 (Changes marked in Green)


Fundamental Training

  • Essential Skills
  • Apprenticeship
  • Occupational Certificates
  • Industry/Sector Recognized Certificates

Technical Training

  • Software
  • Machinery

Workforce Training

  • Management and Leadership
  • Business Skills
  • Soft Skills (i.e. time management, communication, project/task management, etc.)
  • Coaching

Training must be completed within 52 weeks of start date.

Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, Protected Refugees who are:

  • Employees on T4
  • Business Owners
  • Contractors: are eligible ONLY if job is completed upon finishing training
  • Non BC Resident: As long as job is in BC, the participant is eligible
  • Immediate Family: Not eligible unless shareholder of company
  • Maximum of $10,000 per staff per year based on the following limits:Fundamental Training (100% Subsidy) to maximum of $10,000 per candidate
    • Technical Training (80% Subsidy) to maximum of $10,000 per candidate
    • Workforce Training (60% Subsidy) to maximum of $5,000 per candidate

Companies can apply for up to $300,000 in funding

Businesses or Non-Profits that have registered with BC Registry Services and have a valid business licence for at least 1 year from application date.

  • Tuition
  • Mandatory Student Fees
  • Exam Fees
  • Textbooks
  • Software (for course delivery) or required materials

  • Conferences
  • Annual Meetings
  • Seminars
  • Tradeshows
  • Mentoring (not related to training course)
  • Workshops
  • Practicums or work experience
  • Courses of personal interest
  • Consulting
  • Course curriculum development
  • Memberships/Subscriptions
  • Networking
  • Business services
  • Participant travel costs – unless from small communities (<25,000 population)
  • Accommodation and meals

Course Marketing

We suggest that you list your training courses on your website and provide as much detail as possible. Here are some suggestions on what details to include:


Ensure that it is clear on your homepage that you provide Training as one of your primary business activities. Ideally, the word “Training” or “Coaching” is in your main menu and not hidden under a separate link (i.e. “Services”). 

Training Modules

In the “Training” or “Coaching” section, include details on the content of your training courses and coaching packages. Please include modules, if applicable).


Pricing information must be available on your website for all training and coaching offerings. 

Course Outline (Required for Courses & Coaching)

Course outlines must be provided with each application. The outlines should provide the following information:

  • course components and hours of instruction per module
  • measurable learning outcomes for each module delivery methods
  • defined instructional objectives
  • assessment methods
  • delivery methods (i.e. classroom, online, coaching)
  • costs, hours, and duration
  • maximum number of participants per training
  • instructor qualifications: instructor must possess relevant educational or technical credentials to qualify.

Granted would like to review your course outline and provide feedback before it needs to be provided with the relevant application. 

Instructor Bio

The instructor should be qualified and have relevant educational and experience to teach the course or to provide coaching. Instructor bios will be required for each of your courses and comply with these requirements:

For training less than $4,000:
  • A certificate, diploma or post-secondary degree relevant to the subject matter; AND
  • 2 years of full time work experience teaching, instructing, or delivering training relevant to the subject matter


  • 5 years of full time work experience delivering training, or
  • Specialized or technical training: 5 years of full time work experience in an occupation relevant to the subject matter
For training more than $4,000:
  • Graduate Degree or higher directly related to the subject matter, or executive coach certification, teaching certificate, etc.; AND
  • 5 years of full time work experience directly related to the training


  • 10 years of full time work experience delivering training, or
  • Specialized or technical training: 10 years of full time work experience in an occupation relevant to the subject matter

Training Course Planning

Ensure that you and your client discuss their training plans in detail as either yourself or the client will have to provide Granted with the training course details. Things to keep in mind:

Start/End Dates

The course dates are very important because they determine when the applicant will receive their reimbursement and also when they will be able to submit a new application. Even if your training is customized, please provide accurate start and end dates for each individual training course. Applications must be submitted before training starts. Courses must not exceed 52 weeks in duration. 

Timeline and Training Provider Responsibilities

These are the steps that are involved in the grant application process:

Highlighted in Purple are steps that involve you, as the training provider.

Step 1

Establish training needs with client. Provide course outline(s) per requirements above to Granted.

Step 2
Grant application submitted to government.
Step 3
Agreement from program will confirm funding approval. This agreement will be sent to the applicant (employer). Invoice client for course.
Step 4
Grant applicant pays for course. Reimbursement Forms are filled out. Training provider provides copy of receipt to client.
Step 5
Within 120 days of Step 4 completion, Applicant receives funding.

Receipts submitted for reimbursement must have the following components:

  • Receipt must showname of training
    • training start dates
    • cost per participant
    • total costs. 
  • Receipts showing payment has been made in full.

Please send us a copy of all documentation you will be providing your clients for us to review and ensure that all necessary items are included in the invoice and receipts.

Should there be any changes to your training program (i.e.the trainee decides to cancel or there are any date changes) please inform Granted Consulting immediately.