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Hiring Grants

Increase your bench strength, embrace a more diverse workforce, help the next generation of industry professionals or simply decrease the financial burden of increasing your manpower. Granted’s expertise with hiring grants can help increase funding for the manpower needed to grow your company.

Research Grants

The world needs more innovation and more innovation depends on new technologies, products, or techniques. Granted’s expertise in the research and development sectors can help you fund the training or research you need to develop and create the next big breakthrough.

Market Expansion Grants

The world deserves to benefit from your company. Expand your business beyond existing markets into other parts of Canada, the USA or internationally. Trade shows, prospect visits, legal, accounting, and localization cost are eligible for grant funding. Let Granted get the funding you need to expand.

Training Grants

The business landscape changes – quickly. What worked in the past might (and likely won’t) work in the future. Keep up with new trends in digital marketing, remote work leadership, continuing education credits or lead your company to be leaders in your industry with a future-proofed team. Granted can help get funding to sharpen and modernize your operations and workforce.

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Challenges with the grant landscape

Did you get a piece of the $26+ billion in government grants and tax credits provided to businesses last year? Just 4.9% of businesses did, and here are some reasons why. 


Grants are time-consuming to identify


Grants can be challenging to write


Grant deadlines are difficult to keep up with


Grant reporting is complicated

Our Solutions

We are unique from other consulting businesses, as we have a multi-pronged approach of using technology, our in-house experts, and long-standing community relationships to find and obtain the best grants for your business.

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Success Rate
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Businesses Served
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Applications Submitted
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Years Serving SMEs

How We Work

Every business is unique. We understand that – which is why Granted provides different service levels to businesses in Western Canada. Your option varies depending on the size of your organization, grant service needs, and business activities. Regardless of which package you pick, we make grants easier for you.

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You are in good company


Aileen Co-Founder & CFO of Spark Creations

Without Granted, our journey in grants would be nonexistent as applying for grants can be overwhelming. Granted makes it easy, saving our organization and our clients valuable time, money and resources.

Neil Founder of Laidback Snacks

Through Granted we learned about grant funding that we didn’t know existed. The team helped us work through the application process and the post-funding reporting. We were able to save money on hiring new staff at a crucial time in our business growth.

Laura Marketing Manager of Hippie Snacks​

With the help of Granted we were able to secure over $50k in funding to for growth in the US. The impact on our business is huge as we’re still able to participate in trade shows, digital marketing, and other activities during the pandemic.

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The Difference Between a Grant and a Loan

If you live in Canada, it’s likely that you’ve heard about government grants as a source of financial assistance...

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