Granted Export

Granted Export Service is a one-time grant service designed to navigate your business through the CanExport grant process and get your business approved for funding.

The CanExport SMEs grant is one of the most lucrative market expansion grants available for Canadian businesses. However, many businesses have trouble getting approval for this particular grant.

Fortunately, Granted’s CanExport Grant Service is available to assist.

What does the Granted Export Service include?

The Granted Export Service is designed to assist with the entire process of getting the CanExport Grant.

CanExport Grant Service includes:

  • Consulting and supporting your business through the entire process
  • Writing the CanExport grant application 
  • Assisting with Expansion Budget preparations
  • Assisting with the submission process
  • Reviewing your approval to highlight all necessary steps
  • Adjusting and Resubmitting your application if not approved, at no extra cost
  • Providing documentation regarding how to prepare a CanExport Claim
  • Auditing your Claims to ensure you are approved for the correct amount
  • One-year subscription to the GetGranted grant database
  • Answering any questions you have throughout the grant lifecycle

What do we need from your company?

The CanExport grant has an involved process and will require subject matter expertise from your business. As a result, the CanExport Grant Service will only be successful with collaboration. 

Your company will need to:

  • Work with our team to put together the application details
  • Commit to interview-style calls to gather the details for the application 
  • Create your account on the CanExport SMEs portal and submit the application once it’s ready
  • Forward us any communication you receive from the program so we can help you get approved

Who is eligible for the CanExport Grant Service?

Companies that meet the following criteria are the best fit for the CanExport Grant:

  • Have plans to expand outside of Canada
  • Have revenues between $100,000 to $100MM
  • Have between 1 – 500 employees
  • Registered in Canada

How much funding is available?

The Canadian CanExport grant will fund 50% of your project expenses up to $100,000. This means you could get up to $50,000 to support your business expansion efforts!

Why Granted’s CanExport Grant Service

Our results speak for themselves:

  • 98%+ success rate with the CanExport grant
  • Experience with over 26 different industries 
  • 900+ companies served

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