How These Canadian Companies Saved Over $10,000 Through Hiring Grants

How These Canadian Companies Saved Over $10,000 Through Hiring Grants

Wouldn’t you love to get $10,000 or more to hire a motivated young professional for your business?

Great news! You don’t have to be a fancy tech company to get hiring grants from the government. In fact, almost every industry can qualify for employment grants to bring someone on their team if they meet the grant criteria, including restaurants.

Why is the Government Giving Hiring Grants for Canadian Businesses?

Because job creation is really important for both the federal and provincial government, there are a variety of employment grants to help small and medium-sized businesses. They are especially focused on giving young people under 30 years old meaningful work experience.

With interest-free funding, companies can recruit new staff to complete more projects, get fresh ideas and achieve more business objectives. Employment grants can subsidize someone’s salary or training expenses. For many of our clients, interns or new hires have been retained for permanent or long term positions.

Do hiring grants sound too good to be true?

We’ve helped businesses in a range of industries secure over $2,800,000 in funding. Here are a few of the many success stories from three completely different types of companies.

A Coffee Roasting Company Was Awarded a $20,000 Hiring Grant


  • Industry: Food processor, coffee roasting
  • Employment grant: Career Focus
  • Position: Market Expansion Coordinator

The purpose of Career Focus is to provide mentorship to a recent graduate who is looking for experience in the food processing industry. One of our clients was a large coffee roasting company and they received $20,000 to hire an intern who ended up helping the company grow sales through their ecommerce channels. She increased revenue on Amazon by 120%, optimized direct online retail sales from their website and assisted the company’s expansion into the US.

This was all done by a new grad who didn’t have any experience in the food processing industry! But she was a quick learner and eager to grow. Thanks to the hiring grant, the increased business during her internship didn’t cost the company a dime. Pretty good ROI.

While she worked at the company, she gained an in-depth understanding of operating a food processing business as well as manufacturing and coffee roasting. She also gained customer service and project management skills. Not surprisingly, the company kept this valuable employee for the long term.

A Fitness Company was Awarded a $10,510 Hiring Grant for 3 positions

One of our clients is a small business that is always eager to hire recent graduates for a variety of entry level positions at their gym. When this hiring grant was announced, the owner wanted to jump on the opportunity to expand his team and hired three women.

The grant covered $14 per hour for 35 hours a week for all three new hires. Two women were hired for Front Desk Administration and one woman was hired as a Digital Marketing Coordinator.

An Organic Pharmaceutical Company Received a $15,000 Hiring Grant

  • Industry: Manufactures Organic Pharmaceutical Products
  • Employment grant: Science Horizons
  • Position: R&D Coordinator

One of our clients sells organic body care, baby care, pharmaceutical and hair care products. They focus on manufacturing high quality products and providing exceptional customer experiences.

As a small business, they couldn’t afford to hire an experienced R&D manager. But they had the time and resources to provide mentorship to a young student who was interested in R&D. They contacted us to help them find funding opportunities and we helped them secure the Science Horizons employment grant.

Science Horizons covered 50% of wages to a maximum of $15,000 to hire a recent graduate in STEM (Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) for positions with an environmental and green focus. When the company was awarded this government grant, they found a young university graduate with a Chemistry Degree. The company’s founder provided mentorship and this young grad played a valuable role in these projects:

  • Contribute to R&D for new product development
  • Identify sustainable transportation opportunities
  • Reduce waste by implementing waste management and recycling programs
  • Worked with the production team to reduce energy consumption and the use of raw materials

She now has a permanent position at the company.

What Companies Can Qualify for Hiring Grants?

Companies in many industries that are awarded hiring grants have these characteristics:

  • Positions with a flexible start date
  • Hiring positions requiring limited work experience
  • Believe in continuous staff skill development that is relevant to their current role for future job opportunities

Our hiring grant specialists work with companies with these criteria:

  • At least 5 full-time employees
  • Annual revenues of $500,000 or more
  • Planning to hire or train their full-time employees
  • Expanding their products and services outside of Canada

As you can see from our clients’ experiences, providing guidance and mentorship to youth and recent graduates is a key factor to qualify for hiring grants. If a company is just looking for money to get someone to do simple tasks with no guidance, they won’t qualify.

Use Our Employment Grant Specialists


We often hear from businesses that miss out on government funding that they don’t have time to keep track of all of the grants. And even if they know what they could qualify for, it takes too much time to find the documents and fill out all of the information in the applications. Then if they get rejected, then the time it took was a waste.

Get your time back and save thousands by letting our grant gurus do all of the grant monitoring and applications for you. We continuously monitor all of the employment grants that your company could qualify for and keep you up to date so you don’t miss out on free money. Sometimes government grants are only up for a few days and even as short as a few hours!

Are you ready to get thousands of dollars to hire a motivated, young employee?

Connect with our employment grant gurus anytime.


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