Grant Feature:  Digital Marketing Skills Experience 

Executive Summary

– Grant Funding: The Digital Marketing Skills Experience Program provides up to $5,000 per participant to employers, covering 50% of costs, with a quick 2-5 business days turnaround.

– Eligibility: Supports 8-week digital marketing roles, accepting full-time and part-time positions; employers can apply with their candidates if they complete the required training.

– Diversity: 220 spots available until February 2025, with 80% reserved for equity-deserving groups, ensuring diverse and inclusive participation.

About The Grant

With the continuous advancements in digital technology, the need for skilled digital marketing professionals is growing as businesses aim to stay ahead and drive success. The Digital Marketing Skills Experience Program offers up to $5,000 per participant funding to employers who hire candidates who have completed the consortium’s upskilling programs. This initiative is designed to help employers engage with diverse and skilled talent while providing financial incentives to boost their team’s capacity. The program covers 50% of the eligible costs, up to a maximum of $625 per week, with a 2-5 business days turnaround time.

Program Overview 

The Digital Marketing Skills Experience Program supports employers in hiring candidates for digital marketing roles by providing funding of up to $5,000 per participant. Eligible roles must be in digital marketing, with placement lengths of 8 weeks. While full-time positions are preferred, part-time roles are also accepted. 

Employers can apply with their candidates, provided they meet specific criteria: the participant must be accepted into the training program on their merit, complete the entire training program, and take on new roles or promotions directly related to digital marketing. Participants undergo 6-7 weeks of training, with the training organization determined by their years of experience.

Application Window

There are 220 spots available for the Digital Marketing Skills Experience Program until February 2025. With an average award of $3,000, this allows for a greater number of participants. Importantly, 80% of these spots are reserved for individuals from equity-deserving groups, ensuring diverse and inclusive participation in the program.

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