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We get you grant funding

Granted Pro is a done-for-you service where our experts find, match, prepare, and administer grant applications for you.

Grant Strategists Learn About Your Needs

Your Grant Strategist conducts an in-depth session with you on an annual and quarterly basis to learn about your business and plans. They identify all grants that align with your activities to maximize your grant funding potential.

Actively Seek out Grants that Fit

Your Grant Strategist proactively searches for new grants that align with your business objectives and initiatives. If a grant is found that matches your company’s needs, your Grant Strategist will directly inform you about the opportunity. With your approval, they will then prepare the application process for you.

Applications written on your behalf

Grant organizations often have varied procedures, forms, and submission requirements. Our grant team expertly navigates this bureaucracy and paperwork, preparing all grant applications on your behalf.

Claims and Post-Approval Processes

Even after a grant is approved, many require additional paperwork or forms to be completed. Your Grant team will take care of filling out all necessary forms and assist in creating any required documents. Furthermore, they will provide reminders for claim submissions, ensuring you can access your grant funding promptly.

Who is Granted Professional Best Suited For?

Established companies that want to maximize grant funding

While grants are available for almost every business, Granted Professional is geared toward businesses who:

  • Are established companies
  • Wants strategic guidance and help to find, prepare the application, manage the claims process and any administration
  • Have multiple grant needs in hiring, training, and market expansion in a year 
  • May be expanding into business internationally

Why Granted Professional?

Our Grant Approval Rating speaks for itself. When Granted works for you, you’re almost guaranteed to get grant funding for your grantable activities. *For adjudicated decisions

We will apply for an unlimited number of grants on your behalf, provided your business engages in activities that qualify for grant eligibility.

There are many types of grants out there. Granted is equipped to apply for a diverse range of grants your organization qualifies for, including those for hiring, training, and market expansion.

The Granted Pro service offers you a dedicated Grant Strategist to address all your grant-related inquiries and provided you with the best strategy when leveraging grants. They will guide you and provide hands-on support throughout the entire process.

New grants and grant changes are frequent , and as a Granted Pro service client, you will always be the first to know if a new grant matches your company profile and business activities.

Get insights into the grants you’ve applied for, the amount of funding you’ve been approved for, and the status of your open grant applications.

Your Grant Strategist will illuminate the grants with the highest chance of approval for your business and will proactively inform you of them when the grants become available.


Don’t take our word for it. Read about the companies that has received grant funding with Granted’s help.

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Grant funding is available to virtually all companies in Canada. To get started, fill out our grant calculator to see how much funding your company would qualify for.


Answers to your GrantedPro Questions

Granted Pro provides an unlimited amount of grant applications. Your Grant Strategist will assess your business and will apply for all grants deemed fit for your business activities. Should you want to apply for a grant you discovered independently, simply notify your Grant Strategist and they will assess the fit and application for you.

Typically, Granted will assist you with hiring, training and market expansion grants should they fit your business profile. Other specialty grants may be available. Your grant specialist will notify you should your company be a fit for the grant.

Grants are typically available until their funding runs out or the grant expires. Some grants renew available funding every year, but not all of them do. Fear not, our research team does all the heavy lifting and finds available grants and adds them to the Grant Database. In certain situations, your company may not have a match for grants for a time period. However, it is with almost 100% certainty that a grant will match your company within the subscription timeframe.

Not a problem. Our grant team members will adjust and resubmit the grant application for you at no additional cost. Lastly, if the grant does not get approved, you will not be charged a success fee.