impacting businesses with grants.


Our founder, Stephanie Sang, established Granted Consulting in 2011 and envisioned a community of business owners who not only leverage grants to grow, but also included grants strategically into their financial resource plans. Initially, Granted focused on small companies to help busy business owners manage the complicated and confusing application process. As the company grew, larger businesses approached Granted with the same needs, expressing that they also did not have the capacity or know-how to find the right programs for their business, let alone apply for them.

Unfortunately, grants are not taught in business school, which is why many companies find it difficult to manage the research and application process. Therefore, we have built our internal systems to simplify the grant process from research to final reconciliation and serve as an accurate GPS to help them navigate to the right opportunities.

Our Mission

As ‘Grant Angels’ and ‘Grant Ambassadors’, we strive to impact Canadian businesses one grant at a time.

Company Core Values

Granted Consulting is guided by the following principles and our values serve as a compass for our actions and how we serve our clients:

  1. Create a WOW experience every time: Go above and beyond the needs of the client, our partners, and our colleagues.
  2. Spread the Wealth: Be a champion for others where possible, if we can’t help out, share resources or connections that could benefit our community.
  3. Problem Solvers, Not Makers: Things don’t always go our way but we strive to always be part of the solution, not the problem.
  4. Work to Short Term Passion for Long Term Success: Focus on execution of small tasks with the long term goal in mind.
  5. A Bias for Action: Take initiative, we are not bystanders.
  6. Inherent Curiosity: Be resourceful and don’t give up just because a ‘no’ stands in your path. Strive to find the right solution, which may not be the easiest solution.

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