Grant Procurement Solutions for
Small & Medium Businesses

‘Small’ and ‘medium’ don’t describe your business goals. Secure the grant funding you need to hire, train, expand, and compete – no matter how large your goals are.

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Grant Funding for your (Small, Medium and) Large ambitions

Optimize your cash.

Free up cash for Capital Expenses.

Cash flow is tricky to manage – especially for small businesses. Although grants typically do not fund machinery, office space, supplies and inventory, Granted can help you secure grant funding to cover your existing hiring, market expansion or training initiatives to free up capital for expenditures that are ineligible for grants. That’s a win/win.

All hands on deck – and then some.

Hire new talent.

Increase your bench strength, embrace a more diverse workforce, help the next generation of industry professionals or simply decrease the financial burden of increasing your manpower. Granted’s expertise with hiring grants can help increase funding for the manpower needed to grow your company.

Lifehacks for your business.

Training and Leadership.

The business landscape changes – quickly. What worked in the past might (and likely won’t) work in the future. Keep up with new trends in digital marketing, remote work leadership, continuing education credits or lead your company to be leaders in your industry with a future-proofed team. Granted can help get funding to sharpen and modernize your operations and workforce.

Push beyond your borders.

Expand into New Markets

The world deserves to benefit from your company. Expand your business beyond existing markets into other parts of Canada, the USA or internationally. Trade shows, prospect visits, legal, accounting, and localization cost are eligible for grant funding. Let Granted get the funding you need to expand.

Small businesses are our specialty

92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate
92% success rate


Spare was able to secure over $275k in grant funding with Granted.

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Level Ground

Level Ground

Level Ground Trading was able to secure over $360k in grant funding with Granted.

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Why you’ll love Granted

The ‘No-FOMO’ zone

Never miss out on another grant opportunity.

Grants are time-sensitive and typically have a limited amount of total funds available. Granted’s automated and proactive approach, along with more than a decade of experience in grant writing, gives your company the highest chance of success and the largest funding opportunity. Unlike general consultants or companies that specialize in specific verticals. Granted is able to maximize your funding opportunity no matter what type of company you run.

It’s not your job. It’s our job.

Grant management isn’t something you can do off the side of your desk.

You have a full-time job, and if you’re a small-business owner, you probably have three. Grants take time, brainpower, experience and persistence, all things that you should be using for your own business. Granted will research, select, project-manage, and even write your grant applications – down to the submission letter. Granted also assists with post-application claims and reporting ensuring you can you do your job(s) – because we did ours.

Small business Focused. Industry Agnostic.

What works for you, works for us.

We understand small businesses because we are also a small business. While some larger consultancies prefer larger clients, Granted is heavily focused on grants that directly accelerate growth for small businesses including hiring, training and market expansion. No matter the industry – Service, Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, or Technology – Granted will strategically secure grant funding for your initiatives.

Focused and Deliberate

Granted focuses on Grants and only Grants.

Getting our customers grant funding is what we do. It’s all we do. Unlike other consultancies, our company does not dilute our services with other funding models such as loans, tax credits, or investments. With this singular focus, Granted has a 93% success rate, a performance simply not achieved by consultancies that offer other funding services.

Affordable and Success-Based

Minimal Risk. All Reward.

Outside of an annual fee, the only additional cost is payable for most grants only if your company is approved for grant funding. This dramatically decreases your risk. Additionally, this motivates us to find the most lucrative grants for your company at the highest rate of success. Also, unlike individual consultants that work on a per-project basis, we don’t stop at one grant, we continue to find grant funding for your company as new programs launch and change throughout the year.

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Full Service

Designed for companies who:

  • Incorporated for more than 2 years
  • Over $1MM in annual revenue
  • Over 5 employees
  • Looking to hire, train, or expand


  • Administrative Support
  • Custom Notifications
  • Grant Dashboard
  • Annual Strategy Sessions
  • Strategic Report
  • Quarterly Check-ins

Self Service

Designed for companies who:

  • Are cost-conscious
  • Incorporated for less than 2 years
  • Under $1MM in annual revenue
  • Want to apply for specific grants


  • Customized Grant Notifications
  • Grant summaries and best practices
  • Grant Dashboard
  • On-Demand Expertise & Assistance