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Grants aren't always the easiest to navigate. Let our resources be your guide on what to look for when trying to get grant funding.

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Grants for Small Business - Guidebook

The Grants for Small Business Guidebook is designed to help you find, write, apply, and manage grants for your small business.

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Grants for Clean Technology - Guidebook

The Grants for Clean Technology Guidebook is designed to help you find, write, apply, and manage grants for clean technology and initiatives.

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Guidebook to Canadian Food & Beverage Small Business Grants

This guidebook will show you how to maximize your grant funding for your food-based business.

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Grant Guidebook for Small Businesses in Ontario

In this guidebook, we're diving into Ontario. For a more in-depth read, head over to our Grants for Small Buisness Guidebook.

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Government Grants for Small Business

The Canadian government offers tons of grants specifically for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

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How To Leverage Canadian Grants for Marketing

If your business is in the marketing sector or if you’ve got some marketing projects you’ve been sitting on that you’ve been meaning to put into action, you could get the help you need with grant funding!

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Government Business Grants for Canadian Startups

You’ve just started your business and you’re looking for some extra funding to get you on track for success. See what's available and how to get funding.

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Grant FAQ

You can find answers to the most popular questions. If you don't find something you can always contact us directly.

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"Without Granted, our journey in grants would be nonexistent as applying for grants can be overwhelming. Granted makes it easy, saving our organization and our clients valuable time, money and resources."
Co-Founder & CFO of Spark Creations

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