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Customer Success – ClearWest

Customer Success
How Granted Helped ClearWest Get $79,000+ in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • Challenge: Like many retail stores, Clearwest Solutions experienced frequent turnover of retail sales associates, requiring frequent hiring and training, but lacked the time to pursue grant opportunities.
  • Solution by Granted: Our Boutique Grant Service identified and helped apply for relevant grants, easing the financial burden of continuous staff turnover.
  • Result: Clearwest Solutions successfully received over $79,797 in grant funding, significantly supporting their hiring and training needs.

About ClearWest

Clearwest Solutions is a distinguished “Platinum” TELUS Business Excellence Partner, operating with 8 retail and 3 business locations across British Columbia and Alberta.  With over 25 years of industry experience, Clearwest Solutions specializes in supporting a wide range of customers, from individual consumers to small, medium, and corporate enterprise clients across Canada. Their expertise extends to online ordering, customer service, product management, and account management, with a significant presence in both the retail and corporate sectors.


Clearwest Solutions, despite its success and expertise in telecommunications, faced significant challenges in managing the turnover of retail sales associates. This turnover necessitated frequent hiring and training, which was time-consuming and costly. The company’s primary challenge was finding the time and resources to identify and apply for grants that could support these ongoing needs.

How Granted Helped

Granted, with its specialized “Boutique Grant Service,” stepped in to assist Clearwest Solutions. Granted helped Clearwest identify grants they were eligible for, particularly those aimed at hiring and training. Granted streamlined the application process for these grants and provided comprehensive support in the post-approval phase, ensuring that Clearwest could efficiently receive and utilize the funds.


With Granted’s help, Clearwest has received over $79,797 in grant funding. This financial support has eased the burden of hiring and training new staff, allowing Clearwest to continue its growth and maintain its high standards of service without the added stress of financial

“Having partnered with Granted Consulting for several years now, our experience has been nothing short of spectacular! Stephanie and her team’s commitment is commendable as they efficiently manage the entire process from keeping up to date with the latest funding opportunities to process applications that fit our needs. The amount of time saved is invaluable to our operations and I highly recommend Granted Consulting in confidence.”

Ashraf Khan

Controller at Clearwest Solutions Inc.

If you operate a technology-based small business in Canada, head over to our Grant Calculator to find out how much grant funding you could qualify for!