GetGranted: Our Innovative Grant Matching System

How to Best Use Our Innovative GetGranted System

After a lot of hard work and feedback from clients, we have just launched our GetGranted system!
GetGranted allows companies to get automatic notifications on government grants they could qualify for. The system shows grants that focus on hiring, training, innovation and market expansion. You can choose the kind of funding you want to be updated on and change your preferences anytime as your business changes. 
GetGranted is best for:

  • People who want to manage the grant application process themselves or have staff who can fill out the information
  • See all of the Canadian government business grants in an easy-to-read format 
  • People who want to be automatically notified about funding updates 

The system is personally managed by our experienced grant experts who sift through all of the funding details and organize all of the information you need to apply like links to the application guide as well as the business requirements.
We’ll go through the key features in GetGranted so you can get more funding for your business!

How GetGranted Solves Common Grant Challenges

We have worked with hundreds of businesses since 2011 and many companies didn’t receive grants when they applied on their own for these common reasons:

  1. They applied for the wrong grant
  2. They misunderstood the government jargon
  3. They couldn’t keep up with the frequent grant changes

Here is how GetGranted solves each of these barriers:

Applied for the wrong grant

Many people misunderstand the type of position that would qualify for a grant. For example, if a hiring grant was created to employ someone with technical skills and a company ended up hiring for a position that was more junior or non-technical, then this would result in a rejected application.
Some grant applications can be long and complicated. But we organize all of the key information. GetGranted allows you to see all of the government grants you qualify for first and then you can choose what you want to apply for. 
Here is an example of how a government grant is presented on our system:

Grant Criteria
This federal program offers a subsidy to employers who hire immigrant youth holding a post-secondary degree to secure employment in their professional field. Up to $13/hour is available for a placement duration of 16-22 weeks for full-time employment in any field of interest that is relevant to the Candidate’s field of study. This program supports the integration of skilled immigrant youth into the Canadian labour market.
Grant Value: max. $13/hour of wages up to $11,400 per placement                                                                                                   
Eligible Employer: For-profit or not-for-profit organizations in Canada
Eligible Participants:

  • Must be 18-30 years of age (inclusive)
  • English proficiency equivalent to CLB 7 and up
  • Post-secondary graduate (cannot be in school full-time at time of hiring)
  • Must have immigrated to Canada and hold Canadian citizenship, Permanent Resident or Protected Person status (work permits not eligible)
  • Cannot be receiving Employment Insurance during the work term

Internship Details: 

  • Must be 16-22 weeks in duration
  • Must be full-time (min. 35 hours per week)
  • Position must be relevant to Candidate’s field of study
  • Reimbursed on a monthly or bi-weekly schedule (depending on employer’s payroll)
  • Employer must provide on-the-job mentorship and support
  • Employer must have a nepotism policy with respect to the intern


  • Program website: click here

Confusing Government Language

The government often uses their own lingo that confuses many people. For example, hiring grants often use the word “internship” and many people think that someone has to be in school to qualify for the grant. But in many cases, internship means providing a learning opportunity for someone to gain valuable skills. 
Take this hiring grant for example (we changed the name and some details of this program):
High Tech Internship
This program offers salary subsidies to employers who hire recent post-secondary graduates for positions in digital technology. Up to $13,000 is available for a minimum of six months of full-time employment and up to $2,500 in training costs. 
To support recent graduates in gaining meaningful industry experience and reduce the financial risk for employers, the federal government is offering a wage subsidy to facilitate this type of hire.
Grant Value: Max. $13,000 per placement, including:

  • Max. 50% of wages up to $10,000,
  • An extra $2,500 is available for: 
    • For intern training during the internship, or as an additional salary contribution (the total salary contribution is still capped at 50% of the intern’s salary)

Eligible Employers

  • Canadian for-profit and non-profit organizations or their subsidiaries
  • 200 employees or less
  • Employer must have an active payroll account

Eligible Participants

  • Post-secondary graduates (within the last two years)
  • Aged 30 or under
  • Unemployed or underemployed
    • Underemployed: working part-time or below one’s level of education
  • Must have basic digital skills knowledge (self-study credentials permitted)
  • Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents or refugees (work permits not eligible)
  • Cannot be receiving Employment Insurance benefits during the internship

The details for the grants in any of our examples can change at any time and may not be open throughout the year. The examples are meant to give you an idea of how the information is presented. 
GetGranted puts all of the information in plain English and you can see all of the best practices like this:

Some grants will have videos that explain how the grant works like this:
Video on the Career Launcher-Natural Resources

Constant Government Grant Changes

No one wants to spend hours going back to check every detail of government grants just to see if there was a change to a program. That’s why we take care of that for you! We have a full team of amazing consultants and researchers who are continuously checking all of the grant details and regularly update any changes in GetGranted. You will simply be notified automatically about these updates. 
Government grants can change or close quickly depending on how many people apply in a given time frame. There was a grant that didn’t have any applications application for weeks. But when a media article came out about it, they quickly received 40 applications. Once all of the available funding was used, the grant closed. 
Key lesson: Whenever you see a grant you are eligible for, apply for it as soon as you can because you never know how long it will be open for.
Weekly updates in your inbox 
Every Wednesday morning, we email these kinds of updates to all of our GetGranted subscribers:

  • If grant requirements change
  • If a grant closes
  • If you qualify for newly released grants 

One example of an update is when a government grant allowed companies with under 100 employees to apply at first. Then the criteria changed and allowed companies with under 500 employees to apply. So if your business profile says you have 230 employees, this grant would then show up as a match for your business and you would be notified. 
If there are no new grants or funding updates, you won’t get an email. The GetGranted dashboard helps keep you keep track of what you have applied for and how much you’ve been approved for. You can have a year-end celebration after seeing how much money you saved and the impact the grants have had on your business!


Our brand new GetGranted system is designed for companies who want to manage the grant process themselves in an efficient way. The government grants in our system focus on hiring, training, innovation and business expansion. 
Here is how GetGranted solves the common reasons companies aren’t awarded government grants:

  • They applied for the wrong grant: We have a team that takes care of clarifying all of the important grant details on GetGranted in an easy-to-read format. 
  • They misunderstood the government language: We explain the key information using clear language and include best practices for each grant. Some grants have videos that explain how the grant works. 
  • They couldn’t keep up with the frequent grant changes: Our team monitors any grant changes and sends you weekly updates by email. If there are no changes to the program, you won’t get an email.