Granted manages these time consuming tasks for Canadian small business owners seeking grants:
Granted Services - Research

Grant Research

As a business owner, who has the time to find out which grant programs are a fit for them throughout the year? Let us manage this and share the opportunities that are relevant to your business. Our consultants can work with you company on a retainer or success-based fee basis depending on how specific your requirements are. Grant programs change frequently, so nudge out competitors by being the first to know about new or renewed funding opportunities.

Granted Services - Grant Strategies

Grant Strategies

Do you have a marketing strategy? A sales strategy? What about a grant strategy? Once you know which grants you qualify for, how do you determine which to apply for first? Granted consultants help you develop a strategy that builds grants into your growth.

Granted Services - Grant Applications

Grant Applications

Love reading through pages and pages of government documentation? Have a passion for figuring out what grantors are looking for and be successful in obtaining funding? That’s what Granted Consultants do for our clients. We manage the full process starting with the application and work with you every step of the way.

Granted Services - Reconsolidation

Final Reconciliation

It often doesn’t end with getting the grant. Final reconciliation paperwork is just as important as the application. Rely on Granted’s consultants to work with you on final reporting requirements so that you don’t have to worry about missing deadlines or submitting the wrong documents.

Granted Services - Loan Applications

Loan Application Assistance

Although our strengths are in grants, loans come ‘hand in hand’ when working with businesses poised for growth. Loan applications often have applications that require thorough explanation of how funding will be used. Utilize our Granted’s consulting services to develop a strong loan application.

Granted Services - Proposal Development

Proposal Development

Pitching to a big customer and need to understand how to develop a proposal that ‘blows your competition’ away? We pride ourselves on expressing key elements of what your audience is looking for. We can help you structure your proposal with the right verbiage in a concise and efficient manner.