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Applying for grant funding has never been this easy.

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How it works

Granted Starter is the easiest way for small businesses to get grant funding.

Granted Starter is an easy-to-use self-serve grant application tool where businesses can easily find, apply for, and receive grant funding with a simplified and streamlined process and administration support.

Select a Grant that Matches Your Business

Granted Starter provides an up-to-date list of available Canadian grants along with summaries, tips and advice that match your business profile. Simply read through the descriptions and find the one that fits your needs.

Streamlined Application Process

Granted Starter provides a streamlined process for preparing grant applications by reducing the typical questionnaire to a minimal set, making it easier to apply. You only need to provide basic information about the candidate, the position, and your business.

Claims and Post-Approval Processes

Even after a grant is approved, many require additional paperwork or forms to be completed. Your Grant team will take care of filling out all necessary forms and assist in creating any required documents for grants that you have applied for using Granted Starter. Furthermore, they will provide reminders for claim submissions, ensuring you can access your grant funding promptly.


Database of currently available grants

An up-to-date list of available Canadian grants along with grant summaries, tips and advice.

Intelligent grant matching

Illuminate the grants that have the highest chance of approval for your business.

Streamlined Grant forms*

No more complicated grant forms for hiring or training grants. One simple-to-fill-in form, and you’re on your way when you apply using Granted Starter.

*When you use a grant token

Claims Assistance*

Reminders for claim submissions, ensuring you can access your grant funding promptly when you apply for grants with Granted Starter.

*When you use a grant token

Who is Granted Starter Best Suited For?

Growing Businesses

While grants are available for almost every business, Granted Starter is geared towards businesses who:

  • Are starting up or micro business, have recently incorporated
  • Are new to grants
  • Want to discover new grants they haven’t applied to before
  • Have up to 3 Grant-able activities per year (hiring or training)
  • Want a streamlined process to find and apply for grants 
  • Need assistance with application, administration and claims process
  • Willing to review and select the grant they want to apply for
  • Comfortable with assessing eligibility for a grant before applying

Why Choose Granted Starter?

Since 2012, we have focused on getting our customers grant funding. Because of this focus, we have unparalleled expertise in this field.

Granted Starter features a streamlined grant application process, reducing the typical questionnaire to a minimal set, and allowing you to apply with ease.

Easy-to-understand grant summaries, including links to helpful resources for each grant

New grants or grant changes are frequent, and as a Granted Starter subscriber, you will always be the first to know if a new grant matches your company profile and business activities.

Get insights into the grants you’ve applied for, the amount of funding you’ve been approved for, and the status of your open grant applications.

Best practices to help you put together a successful application

The right price for your company,
whatever its size or industry

Our straightforward pricing structure ensures you know exactly what you’re paying for, without any guesswork.

Granted Starter

Easily find, apply and get grant funding with a simplified and streamline process and administration support.

/ per month
/ per month
12 month agreement, paid monthly + 25% Grant Success Fee
Paid annually + 25% Grant Success Fee
  • Database of currently available grants
  • Intelligent grant matching
  • Up To 3 Grant Applications
  • Streamlined Grant forms*
  • Claims Assistance*
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Explore Your Grant Path with Key Insights

A Grant Token is used when you apply for a grant using GrantedStarter’s streamlined forms. Users are provided 3 per yearly subscription.

When you apply for a grant in this manner, you will also receive Granted’s application assistance and claims service for the grant you applied for.

You are welcome to apply for grants outside of GrantedStarter’s streamlined forms using the information you learned from the database; however, no application assistance or claims service will be provided.

We cannot submit on your behalf. We prepare the complete application and the communications for you on your behalf. However, for full transparency to be achieved, you will be required to submit the prepared grant application package yourself from your own email or into the grantor’s portal.

Granted Starter pricing involves two parts, a year commitment to the service and a success-based fee.

The service can be paid monthly for $125/month or prepaid for $1200/year (25% savings).

This service provides 3 grant tokens per year. Each grant token can be used to apply for a grant with the Granted Starter system.

Upon grant approval, a success-based fee of 25% of the grant value will also be charged. If the grant is not approved upon submission, we will adjust the application so you can resubmit at no cost. If the grant is ultimately not approved, the grant token will be returned to you, and no success fee will be charged.

On a yearly basis, Granted Starter subscribers will receive access to the grant database and 3 “Grant Tokens”. Each Grant Token is good for 1 application for a hiring grant or a training grant. Upon subscription renewal, subscribers will receive an additional 3 tokens.

Granted Starter allows you to apply for most hiring and training grants. Some special hiring and training grants are illegible, but those are far and few in between. Granted Starter, unfortunately, does not allow for the application of Market Expansion type grants.

Hiring grants will typically fund a percentage of a new hire for a short period of time (ie a few months).

Grants are typically available until their funding runs out or the grant expires. Some grants renew available funding every year, but not all of them do. Fear not, our research team does all the heavy lifting and finds available grants and adds them to the Grant Database. In certain situations, your company may not have a match for grants for a time period. However, it is with almost 100% certainty that a grant will match your company within the subscription timeframe.

Not a problem. Our grant team members will adjust and resubmit the grant application for you at no additional cost. Lastly, if the grant does not get approved, you will not be charged a success fee or token.