Grant Solutions for Technology Innovators
Unlocking Grant Funding for Cutting-edge Technology Ventures

Innovation knows no bounds, and neither should your funding. Access grant funding to fuel your tech startup or scale-up, from talent acquisition and training to R&D and market expansion.

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Unlocking Grant Funding for Cutting-edge Technology Ventures

Leverage grants for tech innovation.

Maximize R&D budgets.

Cash flow is a perennial challenge for tech companies, especially those in the R&D phase. While grants often exclude direct funding for prototype development or software purchases, Granted can secure grants for hiring, training, and market exploration efforts. This strategic funding allows you to allocate more of your resources to innovation and product development, propelling your tech venture forward.

Assemble a team of innovators.

Hire top tech talent.

The success of any technology company hinges on its ability to attract and retain high-caliber talent. From software engineers to data scientists and UX designers, Granted’s expertise in securing hiring grants enables you to grow your team with less financial strain. Enhance your competitive edge by bringing on board the creative minds that will drive your tech innovations.

Future-proof your workforce.

Invest in tech skills and leadership.

The rapid pace of technological change demands continuous learning and adaptation. Keep your team on the cutting edge with training in the latest tech trends, methodologies, and leadership skills. Whether it’s agile project management, cybersecurity, AI and machine learning, or any other emerging technology, Granted can help you secure the grants needed to ensure your team leads the way in innovation.

Scale beyond your current market.

Tap into new opportunities.

The global tech market is vast and continuously evolving. Expand your reach beyond your current market to tap into new opportunities, whether that’s through attending international tech conferences, exploring partnerships overseas, or adapting your products for new markets. Grant funding can cover expenses related to market research, localization, and legal costs, enabling you to project your innovations onto the world stage.

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Why Tech Innovators Choose Granted

Stay ahead of the grant curve.

The tech sector moves fast, and so do opportunities for grant funding. Granted’s proactive and tech-savvy approach ensures you’re always in the loop on the latest grant opportunities, tailored to your specific innovation and growth needs. Never miss out on funding that can accelerate your project or enhance your product.

Expert grant management, so you can focus on innovation.

Managing a tech company is demanding enough without the added complexity of navigating grant applications. Let Granted take this off your plate. Our team handles everything from identifying opportunities to writing applications and managing post-award reporting, allowing you to dedicate your energy to your company’s technological advancements.

Dedicated to technology grants and funding.

Our focus is solely on securing grant funding for the tech sector. This specialization means we understand the unique challenges and opportunities your tech company faces, from early-stage development to global market expansion. Our expertise translates into a higher success rate for our clients and more opportunities for groundbreaking innovation.

Success-based pricing.

Invest with confidence.

Our pricing model is designed to minimize your upfront costs and align our success with yours. With fees contingent on successful grant awards, you can pursue ambitious technology projects with confidence, knowing that our incentives are directly linked to securing the best possible funding outcomes for your venture.

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