Full Service

Find out how much funding is available for your company

Your company is growing

and you’ve heard of different grant programs other businesses are leveraging but your are missing out.

Common pain points


By the time you get the program, funding has been exhausted and you have to wait for the next round.


You don’t have capacity to manage grants internally and wish you could have help with the entire process.


Once you're secured funding there is a slew or reporting requirements that leave you confused.

Full Service Features

Administrative Support

To help you with grant claims processes and/or reports

Custom Notifications

Come with grant information that matches your unique profile

Grant Dashboard

To track your applications and value gained in working with Granted

Annual Strategy Sessions

To discuss where your business is at and how to best leverage grants

Strategic Report

Ongoing strategic support to ensure your grant process is seamless from start to end

Quarterly Check-Ins

To ensure we're up to date so we can notify you of grant opportunities

Grant Dashboard

This service option is designed for companies who:

Have been incorporated form more than 2 years

Generate over $1MM in revenue per year

Have at least 5 employees on payroll

Are looking to hire, train, and expand their business

While grants are available for all businesses, we have an affinity to companies in the following industries:

What are my next steps?

If our full service option sounds right for you, you can get started today with our Grant Calculator. Our Grant Calculator takes about two minutes and can provide an estimate of the grant amounts your business could be eligible for over the next year, along with the next steps to get started with us.

We offer two services levels at Granted. Have you done our Granted quiz to find out if full service is right for you?

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