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Customer Success
How Granted Helped FansUnite Get $46,000+ in Grants in 4 Months

Executive Summary

  • FansUnite goals was to explore the impact that grant funding could have on the business and its growth potential.
  • Granted identified hiring and training grants aligned with their business objectives to grow while offsetting hiring and training costs.
  • Granted helped FansUnite Media secure 1 hiring grant and 4 training grants valued at over $46,000+ in 4 months.

About FansUnite

FansUnite Entertainment is a sports and entertainment company based in Vancouver BC. Founded in 2018, the company focuses on technology related to lawful online sports betting and other gaming products. They offer B2B technology solutions including their iGaming platform, Chameleon, which offers online gaming solutions for operators. FansUnite also operates multiple B2C platforms including McBookie and VamosGG.

Since its inception in 2018, FansUnite has been on a rapid path to growth, fueled by the mass shift and embrace of digital solutions. They are continuously looking for ways to iterate in the online sports entertainment space and push the company to new heights.


As a small company in a high growth phase, FansUnite wanted to explore the impact that grant funding could have on the business and its growth potential. Scaling and moving forward with grants would offset their costs and allow them to grow faster than ever. 

Grant Challenges

FansUnite knew they qualified for grants, but didn’t know where to go to find them, or what they needed to get started. In 2022 they decided to reach out to Granted Consulting so they could access the grants they dreamed of, and work with our team of specialized consultants that know exactly what opportunities are in store for them.

Granted and Technology

The technology sector is among the fastest-growing industries globally. It’s also one of the most grant-fueled fields as governments want to push innovation and competitive growth. At Granted, we have Grant Consultants that specialize in grants for technology businesses, so our clients are speaking to someone familiar with the grant opportunities available to them. 

FansUnite has been working with our in-house technology specialist, and as a result, they were able to secure tens of thousands of dollars in grant funding in their first 4 months as a client.


  • 1 training grant
  • 4 hiring grants

From February to May 2022, Granted helped FansUnite secure over $46,000 in grant funding. With this funding, they were able to hire more highly qualified staff and put some of their team members through management training. Looking ahead, the company hopes to put more team members through training so their staff can upskill and expand their skill sets.

“From our first meeting with Pedro and the Granted team, we knew we were in the hands of experts. They have guided us every step of the way and helped us obtain multiple hiring & training grants, many more than we initially thought we would. The initial investment has been well worth the return, and the amount we have saved to date has surpassed our highest expectations. The team is professional, very organized and incredibly responsive – even with our often very last-minute hiring timeframes. We are very pleased with Ganted’s services and results to date. We highly recommend that any tech company on a rapid growth trajectory reach out to them; they will find grants available for your company that you didn’t even know existed.”

Eve Grenon-Lafintaine

People & Operations Manager

If you operate a technology-based small business in Canada, head over to our Grant Calculator to find out how much grant funding you could qualify for!