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Customer Success – Santevia

Customer Success
How Granted Helped Get $30,000 in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • Santevia, a company specializing in home water filtration systems that enhance water with minerals, faced brand recognition and market penetration challenges, particularly in competitive markets like the U.S. They required significant marketing investments to reach an unfamiliar demographic.
  • With the assistance of Granted, Santevia successfully navigated the grant application process, securing $30,000 to support its strategic marketing efforts. This included collaborations with marketing and lead generation firms to optimize advertising and reduce costs.
  • The grant funding was instrumental in enabling Santevia to expand its market presence and develop its business in the U.S., contributing to its ongoing success in the health and wellness industry.

About the Company

Santevia specializes in water filtration systems that purify water and enrich it with minerals, creating great tasting water. Their products range from home filtration systems to on-the-go filters, aiming to provide healthier water by adding essential minerals and removing contaminants.

Challenges Faced

Initially, the company struggled with limited brand recognition and market penetration outside its home region, making it difficult to gain traction in a competitive market like the U.S. 

Additionally, Santevia optimized its marketing strategy for a demographic unfamiliar with its products. The need for substantial marketing investments to test and identify effective advertising mediums further strained their resources. These challenges necessitated a strategic approach to market entry, prompting the pursuit of a market expansion grant to facilitate structured growth and mitigate the risks associated with entering a new regional market.

How Granted Helped

Granted’s role in supporting Santevia’s market expansion grant revolved around assisting the company in identifying and securing the appropriate budget to execute its strategic plan. 

We helped navigate the complexities of the grant application process, ensuring that Santevia met all eligibility criteria and maximized its funding opportunities. This support included collaborating with marketing firms for targeted advertising campaigns and working with lead generation firms to optimize their marketing costs. 

By facilitating access to these funds, Granted enabled Santevia to cover expenses that might otherwise have been prohibitive, allowing the company to focus on effective growth strategies and market penetration in the US market.


As a result of partnering with Granted, Santevia secured $30,000 in grant funding. This financial boost has likely contributed to the company’s efforts to enhance market expansion efforts and business development, which is vital for its continued success in the health and wellness industry.