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Customer Success – Coast Spas

Customer Success
How Granted Helped Coast Spas Get $117,800+ in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • Challenge: Coast Spas faced the challenge of rapid growth, needing extensive hiring and training, market expansion, R&D, and technology implementation.
  • Solution by Granted: Granted’s Boutique Grant Service efficiently managed the entire grant process for Coast Spas, identifying and applying for grants tailored to their specific needs in hiring, training, and expansion.
  • Result: Coast Spas received over $117,808 in grant funding, supporting growth, workforce expansion, training programs, and technological advancements.

About Coast Spas

Coast Spas, based in Langley, BC, Canada, is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality hot tubs and swim spas. With nearly 30 years of experience, they have established themselves as a leading global manufacturer, exporting to over 50 countries. Their products are designed to cater to a variety of needs, from relaxation and stress relief to therapy and rehabilitation, and are known for their energy efficiency and sustainable manufacturing processes.

Grant Challenges

Coast Spas needed to hire 100 employees for their manufacturing shop floor, fill three key management positions and recruit an IT Manager. They also required training in supply chain management, 6-sigma courses, and software training for new Syspro software. Additionally, they planned to expand into Europe, conduct R&D for designing new components, automate the manufacturing floor, and implement CRM and ERP systems. However, they had never applied for grants before and needed to outsource the entire grant-finding process due to their rapid growth and multiple ongoing projects. 

How Granted Helped

Granted’s Boutique Grant Service was a perfect fit for Coast Spas’ needs. We helped to identify grant opportunities that aligned with their specific needs for hiring, training, market expansion, R&D, and technology implementation. Our team managed the entire process, from identifying eligible grants to applying for them and assisting in the post-approval process, ensuring that Coast Spas could focus on its growth and operations without the added burden of managing grant applications.


Granted helped Coast Spas to secure over $117,808 in grant funding. This financial support has played a crucial role in facilitating their rapid growth, enabling them to expand their team, enhance their training programs, and pursue their ambitious market expansion and R&D projects.

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