Agriculture Canada Funding Programs

There are a variety of agriculture Canada funding programs that support innovation, sustainable farming, business development, risk management, trade and market development.

The small and medium-sized enterprises that can take advantage of these provincial and federal grants include businesses, corporations, co-operatives and indigenous groups.

Types of Food Processing and Farming Grants Available

There are many challenges that agri-food companies face from changing weather patterns, time-consuming technology adoption and the high cost of basic farming equipment. Thankfully, there are many farming grants that help businesses reduce their risk, grow and innovate.

Farms, food processing businesses and agricultural biotech companies can use grant funding to make environmental improvements to their operation and expand business domestically among many other projects.

The agriculture Canada funding programs that support projects fall into these general categories:

AgriMarketing Programs

It is an expensive process to effectively promote agricultural products abroad. These grants support agri-food companies with their international initiatives that includes market development activities in foreign markets.

Risk Mitigation

Research and testing is crucial but a costly process. There are farming grants available to overcome the financial challenges and mitigate the risk of conducting research activities in small and emerging sectors. If the research is successful and enables agri-food companies to capitalize on opportunities at the right time, it could result in significant returns.

Certification and international expansion

In order to expand to international markets, it’s necessary to have third-party certification. AgriAssurance grants help fund this process to ensure safety and meet the international market requirements.


Innovation is a big priority for the government at all levels and billions of dollars are spent every year on research and development, commercialization activities and business expansion into international markets. This capital reduces the risk companies take to bring their business to the next level.

The government also wants to provide more job opportunities for youth and recent post-secondary graduates. There are great options to subsidize job positions through business grants Canada. Hiring new graduates can add a lot of value to a business because they are very proficient with technologies, adaptable and can learn quickly.

Specialized Agri-Food Grant Consultants

The range of agriculture Canada funding programs is overwhelming for many companies because it’s hard to keep track what funding is available, determine if they meet the detailed criteria and take the time to write out all of the application details.


Our agri-food grant specialists have helped secure over $1,000,000 for agri-food growers and processors. Once our consultants learn about your business details and project goals, they conveniently identify all of the agri-food grants you qualify for and take care of the full application process.

You never have to worry about missing a deadline because our team will update you on new grants or updated requirements of existing programs. For programs that are announced in advance, we work proactively on applications so we can submit them as soon as the new programs launch. Many eligible grant applications are awarded on a first come first serve basis.