Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Celebrating International Women’s Day

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, Granted Consulting proudly stands as a beacon of support for women entrepreneurs across Canada. Our founder, Stephanie Sang, affectionately known as our “She-E-O,” and “Grant Angel” not only champions women in business but actively fosters the growth of small enterprises throughout the nation. On this Women’s Day, we want to express our gratitude to all the women striving to make a mark in the business world.

Grants and Resources for Women in Canada

In the spirit of Women’s Day, Granted Consulting is pleased to highlight key grants and resources designed to uplift women entrepreneurs in Canada.

Amber Grant: Fueling Dreams, One Grant at a Time

Amber Grants offer four distinct women’s business grants – the Monthly Amber Grant, the Startup Grant, and the $25,000 Annual Amber Grant. Applying once ensures consideration for all eligible grants, streamlining the process for women entrepreneurs seeking support. These grants are specifically designed to assist women-owned businesses across Canada and the United States, reflecting our commitment to fostering their success.

Women’s Equity Lab: Collaborative Investment for Empowerment

Each Women’s Equity Lab (WEL) group comprises over 20 exceptional women from local communities who collectively invest in early-stage, innovative companies. Participants contribute between $5,000-$6,000, forming a pooled investment fund. Throughout the year, these groups collaboratively assess investment opportunities and jointly decide on fund allocations. Notably, individual WEL investors frequently engage in co-investments with WEL investments and introduce companies to other women-led funds.

WeBC: Flexible Loans for Diverse Women-Owned Businesses

WeBC provides women access to loan programs that consider overall business viability, offering flexibility beyond traditional formulas. Our support extends to a diverse range of women-owned businesses, providing integrated services like loans, training, mentoring, and business advising.


Coralus supports ventures tackling global challenges by inviting women and non-binary individuals to join their initiative. Through the application process, participants gain access to visibility, networking opportunities, valuable insights, and direct support from a diverse global community. Coralus also acknowledges the backing of the Government of Canada’s Women Entrepreneurship Loan Fund in empowering women in business.

The Forum

The Forum, a national charity established in 2002, has empowered over 14,000 entrepreneurs throughout Canada. They facilitate access to resources and a supportive community for women entrepreneurs to thrive in business. Their mission is to activate, access, and cultivate the wisdom, financial resources, and community connections necessary for sustained success. Whether at the beginning stages or well-established, The Forum pairs entrepreneurs with experienced Mentors who have achieved similar goals, providing invaluable real-world guidance.

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