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Customer Success –  Hapa Landscape Architecture

How Granted Helped Hapa Landscape Architecture Get 68,000+ in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • Challenge: Hapa Landscape Architecture needed to train their team in Revit software, but their HR contractor lacked the time and expertise to secure training grants.
  • Solution by Granted: Granted provided a cost-effective and efficient solution through its Boutique Grant Service, identifying and managing the application process for relevant training grants.
  • Result: Hapa Landscape Architecture successfully received over $68,944 in grant funding, enabling it to train its team in Revit and position itself as a leader in landscape architecture technology in Vancouver.

About Hapa Landscape Architecture

Hapa Landscape Architecture, known as Hapa Collaborative, is a landscape architecture and urban design practice dedicated to creating connected and livable communities. With a philosophy rooted in the concept of ‘Hapa’ – meaning half, mixed, or hybrid – they embody the fusion of diverse cultural influences. Their work focuses on revitalizing public spaces, making them vibrant and integral parts of the community. Hapa Collaborative is recognized for its innovative approach to landscape architecture, blending art and science, nature and culture, to design environments that are inclusive, inviting, and memorable.

Grant Challenges

Hapa Landscape Architecture faced a unique challenge in their industry. They identified a growing demand from clients to incorporate Revit, a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, into their documentation process for working drawings, modeling, and coordination with architecture and engineering. This demand was driven by increasing interest from clients and collaborators to design and detail comprehensive buildings and sites across all disciplines, while Hapa saw an opportunity to leap forward in their documentation sophistication.. However, their HR person, an external contractor, lacked the time and expertise to pursue training grants for this software. Additionally, her hourly rate was higher than the cost-effective solution Granted could offer. Her limited experience with student hiring grants and perception of training grants as cumbersome further complicated the situation.

How Granted Helped

Granted stepped in with its Boutique Grant Service to address Hapa Landscape Architecture’s needs. We identified specific training grants that would enable the team at Hapa to learn and implement Revit in their projects. This service simplified the grant application process, handling all the complexities and time-consuming aspects of grant sourcing and application. This approach allowed Hapa Landscape Architecture to focus on their core business activities while we managed the grant process efficiently and effectively.


Granted helped Hapa Landscape Architecture receive over $68,944 in grant funding, a significant financial boost that has enabled them to train their team in Revit. This advancement has not only positioned Hapa Landscape Architecture staff to be comfortable with using Revit in landscape architecture in Vancouver but also enhanced their service offerings to meet the evolving demands of their clients.

“As the financial controller overseeing our company’s numbers, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with Granted and witnessing firsthand their exceptional support. Their expertise in securing various grants has been invaluable to our financial strategy. Their extensive knowledge of grants available for small businesses, combined with their diligent approach, has been instrumental in our success. Granted has been an indispensable partner, and their unwavering dedication has significantly impacted our growth and financial achievements”

Stephanie Rojas

Financial Controller

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