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Customer Success – Kitchen Table Restaurants

Customer Success
How Granted Helped Kitchen Table Restaurants Get $56,000+ in Grants

Executive Summary

  • Kitchen Table Restaurants needed to bolster employee retention and growth initiatives.
  • Granted’s Boutique Grant Service identified eligible grants and streamlined the application and post-approval processes for them.
  • As a result, the client successfully secured over $56,000 in grant funding to bolster their employee initiatives.

About The Cheerful Pelvis

Kitchen Table Restaurants is a renowned name in the culinary world, with its roots deeply embedded in the essence of storytelling. Their journey is all about creating unforgettable experiences for their guests, taking them on a voyage that educates and elevates their senses. Their passion is evident in every endeavour, aiming to share something unique and heartfelt with their patrons. They craft concepts that pay homage to cultures they admire, operating with a focus on simplicity, integrity, and a commitment to their local communities. Each of their restaurants tells a unique story, with designs and touches that offer a dining experience that is both unique and defined. At the core of their philosophy is the idea of connection, not just with their guests, but also with colleagues, neighbours, partners, and even adversaries. They emphasize the importance of building and fostering positive relationships with everyone they encounter.


Kitchen Table Restaurants wanted to bolster their employee retention and growth initiatives. As the restaurant industry is known for its high turnover rates, ensuring that employees stay motivated, satisfied, and committed to the company’s vision is crucial. The need for funding to support these initiatives became apparent, and that’s when they turned to Granted for assistance.

How Granted Helped

Upon subscribing to Granted’s Boutique Grant Service, Kitchen Table Restaurants was provided with a comprehensive solution to their funding needs. The service helped them identify grants they were eligible for, assisted in the application process, and ensured a smooth post-approval process. Granted’s expertise in the grant domain ensured that Kitchen Table Restaurants had the best chance of securing the funds they needed.


Thanks to Granted’s Boutique Grant Service, Kitchen Table Restaurants successfully received over $56,000 in grant funding. This financial boost played a pivotal role in their efforts toward employee retention and growth, allowing them to invest in initiatives to ensure their staff felt valued, motivated, and committed to the company’s vision and goals.

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