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How Granted Helped Musora Media Get $136,000+ in Hiring Grants in 8 Months

Executive Summary

  • Musora Media goal was to aggressively build their team to keep up with a steep growth trajectory fueled by a flood of new musicians.
  • Granted identified hiring grants aligned with their business objectives to grow their operations.
  • Granted helped Musora Media get over 15 hiring grant applications valued at over $136,000 in 8 months.

About Musora Media

Musora is a leader in online music education based in Abbotsford, BC and their goal is to make the world a better place through music. Their platform has over four streams where you can dive into learning piano, guitar, singing, and drums through organized video lessons delivered by over 100 instructors. 

The company has two goals: create more musicians, and keep them playing longer. They do this by making the learning process enjoyable, where students see progress and overcome obstacles, all while creating music. Their students go on to participate in jam sessions, write and record songs, and become professional touring musicians.


Over the past 15 years, Musora has released four e-learning programs including Drumeo in 2012, Pianote in 2016, Guitareo in 2017, and Singeo in 2021. The company is on a never-ending journey to improve their courses and develop new ways to help aspiring musicians share their passion with others. 

When the pandemic hit, Musora saw an increase in the number of students looking for their service – which makes sense! Learning to play a new instrument is an excellent way to pass the time during lockdown – and many people felt the same way. 

Fast-forward to 2021, and Musora is on a steep growth trajectory fueled by a flood of new musicians. To maintain this momentum, they sought to aggressively grow their team and hire dozens of people over the following 12 months.

Grant Challenges

To support their product development over the years, Musora secured SR&ED funding on their own. Despite being previously successful with SR&ED funds, grants were a different story. 

Musora quickly realized that grants are complicated. The time investment required to identify programs, prepare the applications, and manage the reporting requirements quickly became too high. Knowing the opportunities they could be missing, they sought external expertise.


Granted was hired in September 2021 to lead Musora into the world of small business grant funding. After their first strategy session, it became clear that there were many programs that could support Musora with their hiring efforts. 

To help Musora grow their team, Granted quickly got to work and identified several applicable hiring grant programs. Within 2 months, Musora had 4 hiring grant approvals. Since then, Granted has helped Musora submit grant applications almost every month through 2022.


Since signing on as a client in 2021, Musora has been approved for 15 hiring grant applications valued at over $136,000. These grants helped them hire skilled professionals in various positions including marketing, production, design, and engineering. Moving forward, with the help of Granted, Musora hopes to continue to hire tech-related positions and support the professional growth of their team through training grants.