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Granted Starter Introductory Offer

We believe grants should be accessible to all small businesses. That’s why we’re offering a 3-month trial of Granted Starter. Sign up today!

Offer ends July 31, 2024.

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Get 3 Month Trial + 3 Grant Tokens

Sign up today and receive a free 3-month trial of Granted Starter. This trial includes 3 Grant Tokens, which can be used to apply for eligible grants. Offer Ends July 31, 2024.

Any one that signs up before July 31, 2024, will have a full 3 months trial of Granted Starter. For example, if a you sign up on July 15th, the trial will end on October 15th.

A Grant Token is used when you apply for a grant using GrantedStarter’s streamlined forms. Users are provided 3 per yearly subscription.

When you apply for a grant in this manner, you will also receive Granted’s application assistance and claims service for the grant you applied for.

You are welcome to apply for grants outside of GrantedStarter’s streamlined forms using the information you learned from the database; however, no application assistance or claims service will be provided.

We cannot submit on your behalf. We prepare the complete application and the communications for you on your behalf. However, for full transparency to be achieved, you will be required to submit the prepared grant application package yourself from your own email or into the grantor’s portal.

The only cost will be a success based fee on approved grants that you apply for using the Granted Starter system. Upon grant approval, a success-based fee of 25% of the grant value will be charged. If the grant is not approved upon submission, we will adjust the application so you can resubmit at no cost. If the grant is ultimately not approved, the grant token will be returned to you, and no success fee will be charged.

For this offer, you will be given access to the Granted Starter for 3 months and 3 “Grant Tokens”. Each Grant Token is good for 1 application for a hiring grant or a training grant. Upon subscription renewal, subscribers will receive an additional 3 tokens.

Granted Starter allows you to apply for most hiring and training grants. Some special hiring and training grants are illegible, but those are far and few in between. Granted Starter, unfortunately, does not allow for the application of Market Expansion type grants.

Hiring grants will typically fund a percentage of a new hire for a short period of time (ie a few months).

Grants are typically available until their funding runs out or the grant expires. Some grants renew available funding every year, but not all of them do. Fear not, our research team does all the heavy lifting and finds available grants and adds them to the Grant Database. In certain situations, your company may not have a match for grants for a time period. However, it is with almost 100% certainty that a grant will match your company within the subscription timeframe.

Not a problem. Our grant team members will adjust and resubmit the grant application for you at no additional cost. Lastly, if the grant does not get approved, you will not be charged a success fee or token.

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