Alberta Government Grants

If you are looking for Alberta government grants and find it challenging to keep up with the right Alberta government business grants to support your company, you are not alone. While government grants vary province to province, even experts at Granted find the government grants Albertaoften change at a moment’s notice; one day they are there, and the next day they are gone.

There is strong support from Alberta government grants more so for activities than for industries. If you are seeking support for innovative projects that involve hiring experts to assist with research and development, Alberta has some of the strongest programs in the country. Several Alberta government business grants assist companies from early phase to industry growth. Needless to say, two key sectors in Alberta are Oil and Gas and Agriculture. As a result, companies that provide research and innovation to support these industries secure government grants Alberta is most interested in.

In recent years, there has been in influx in businesses launching in Alberta. Furthermore, the province has been providing more funding towards clean technology, environmental impactful, and highly innovativefirms in the province. Once you are ready to commercialize your products or services, Alberta government grants also provide funding to support businesses building presence in foreign markets. With these government grants, Alberta encourages exploration of opportunities overseas.

For companies in Alberta, government grants need to be part of your funding strategy at all stages of your business. It is necessary to check in with Alberta government business grant programs to ensure that funding budgets have not been exhausted before you start the application process.

Use our grant calculator to find out how much in government grants Alberta can offer your business today.