BC Businesses

Government grants vary from province to province in Canada. If you are looking for government grants in British Columbia (BC), you are in for some amazing support programs for business. Generally, BC business grants are geared towards the industries that thrive in the province.
These include:

  • Agriculture and food processing grants
  • Bio-tech grants
  • Clean technology grants
  • Construction grants
  • Digital technology grants
  • Export grants
  • Film and television grants
  • Mining grants

To apply successfully for government grants in BC, the key is knowing when programs become available and ensure that you source BC grants that align with your business needs. In addition, there are grants that may be offered regionally to stimulate the economy in regions beyond the Greater Vancouver area. These include BC business grantsexclusive to companies in Northern BC, Vancouver Island or Victoria, and the Okanagan or Kelowna region.
BC grants help in a variety of business activities. There are hiring grants, training grants, market expansion grants, and innovation grants that can support local businesses expand and grow. The best government grants BC provide awide range of support to offset costs for key business activities in high-growth sectors. For example, there are hiring grants specific to bio-tech companies as well as training grants to offset safety and mandatory training for construction firms.
Some of the best BC business grants include those that support innovation for sustainability and environmentally driven businesses. Government grants BC invests in can range from several thousand, to millions of dollars, in funding support. If your business is in BC, grants should be a part of your financial strategy, especially if your company is a part of high-growth sectors in BC.
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