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Grants for Market Expansion

The world deserves to benefit from your company. Expand your business into the USA or internationally. Trade shows, prospect visits, legal, accounting, and localization cost are eligible for grant funding. Let Granted get the funding you need to expand.

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Why consider Market Expansion grants?

While scaling up your business at a domestic or global level is a tremendous opportunity to increase sales, it requires a lot of financing. Rather than getting expensive loans through a financial institution or private lender, you can leverage an interest-free business expansion grant from the federal and provincial governments.

Fund your expansion activities

Marketing and trade shows

A marketing business expansion grant helps companies gain visibility in domestic and international trade shows including government-led trade missions. Grants help cover the cost of attending events, related expenses and translating marketing materials.


Many businesses often cannot get to the next stage of the commercialization process because of limited cash flow. Because innovation is important at federal and provincial levels, there are government grants for business expansion that support product development and commercialization activities.

Expand Export Activities

Once companies bring their products to market, they can tap into funding that can help them enter international markets and expand export opportunities. Third-party certification is essential to meet international market requirements and the right grant can help complete this process.

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CanExport Grant Service

Granted’s CanExport Service is a one-time grant application service that is aimed to help you write, prepare, manage and claim your CanExport grant.

Full Service Grant Management

Granted’s Full Service grant management provides your business with a continuous stream of grant applications and management services aimed to maximize the grant funding that your company will receive.

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