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Client Story: Moonshine Mama’s

Granted has the great pleasure of working with a wide range of businesses at various stages of development. One thing we like to do is tell the stories of our wonderful clients. This is the story of Moonshine Mama’s, and their transition from GetGranted to Granted Premium.

Moonshine Mama’s

Based on Saltspring Island off the coast of Vancouver Island, Moonshine Mama’s is on a mission to nourish and revitalize people with the power of nature. 

The company was founded in 2011 after its founder, Mel Divers, was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Mel began researching natural anti-inflammatories, and over time developed a range of turmeric-based beverages. She integrated ingredients like black pepper, coconut, lemon, and coconut oil. This increases the body’s ability to absorb nutrients by up to 2,000%! 

Moonshine Mama’s elixirs catalyzed a movement that has impacted the wellness journeys of thousands. Today, the company’s brews can be purchased at and across the country. 

To find out where you can purchase these healing beverages, click here.

Grant Discovery

In 2016, Moonshine Mama’s was fulfilling orders for farmer’s markets on Saltspring. Mel knew she wanted to help as many people as possible, and she was working hard to grow the business. Accordingly, she began looking for resources where she could learn and get support.  

In early 2021, Mel attended a workshop hosted by The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Here, Granted’s CEO Stephanie Sang gave a presentation on how SMEs can leverage grants. 

Everything Steph said made so much sense, and I wanted to jump on the grant train!

-Mel Divers


As soon as she could, Mel reached out to us to see how they could start leveraging grant funding. What she discovered was our SaaS platform, GetGranted. GetGranted shows available grants based on each company’s industry, activities, and goals. It’s perfect for people who prefer a DIY approach and are just starting out in their business journey.

With a team member available to help manage the grant application process, Moonshine Mama’s became a GetGranted subscriber. They were able to secure grant funding on their own, which was used to hire and train more staff. 

GetGranted’s regular email reminders greatly helped Mel as it alerted her to specific grants that applied to her company. These reminders ensured that she did not forget about any grant funding opportunities.

Additionally, GetGranted’s dashboard helped Mel visualize and track the progress of her grant applications. 

Granted Premium

A challenge faced by many growing small businesses is capacity and scaling. Within a few short years, the company grew into stores across the province, then across the country. While this is great, the team had less and less time to devote to grants. 

This brings us to June 2022, when Moonshine Mama’s transitioned from a GetGranted subscriber to a Granted Premium client. Mel needed more hands-on help managing the grant application process. As a Premium client, her team can focus on delivering their deliciously healthy drinks to customers nationwide. 

I’m glad we experienced the transition from GetGranted to Premium because we have a clear idea of the amount of work it takes to get grants. If we were successful with GetGranted, I can’t imagine the success we’ll have as a Premium client!

-Mel Divers

Mel’s experience as a business owner perfectly encapsulates Granted’s mission. Our goal is to empower as many Canadian businesses as possible to leverage grants. We developed GetGranted to help companies that can manage grants on their own, but need help identifying opportunities. As their company grew and their needs changed, our Premium service was there to jump in and give them the support they needed.

Today, Moonshine Mama’s continues to grow and nourish Canadians with the support of our Grant Angels.

Are you a small business owner? Have you leveraged grants to bolster your business’ growth? Head over to our Grant Quiz to see how you can get involved with Granted Consulting.

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