Cost of Hiring a Grant Consulting Firm

A grant consulting firm makes things straightforward for businesses. Acquiring a grant becomes relatively more straightforward when you have one on your team. The process of receiving a grant can sometimes be very cumbersome due to the sea of paperwork that you need to go through. 
To apply for grants, you need to fill out various applications, write proposals, and provide business cases and plans for growth. All of these steps require expertise and experience that you may not possess.
Grant applications are shortlisted based on the combination of the quality of proposals and other factors. Therefore, you cannot afford to submit a mediocre application. To better your chances of being awarded the grant of your choice, you should consider hiring a grant consulting firm to walk you through the bureaucratic tapes, government lingo, and official paperwork. These companies have experts who can help you get ahead of the competition by ensuring that you are first to know of new grant programs and to ensure that you submit a top-notch application.
Of course, with anything of value, comes a cost for this level of expertise. But on the plus side, the cost of hiring a grant consulting firm in Canada is not expensive. Their prices are generally affordable, and you get several multiples in return for your investment. 
Rather than waste time and resources applying for one grant after the other with half-baked applications, invest some money in some grant experts and get the grant that you want. Keep reading to see why grant experts are your best options.
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Why You Need a Grant Consulting Firm

There are several reasons why you need to secure the services of grant experts to help you on your journey to acquiring your desired grant. These reasons include:

Prompt grant application

The sole priority of grant consultants is to ensure that grant applications are of high quality, complete and done on time. You probably have other obligations to attend to. As such, you may not have the time to get your application.
However, a grant firm that you hire to help you with your applications has only one goal — to get your grant application done as soon as possible. 

Less stress

Hiring grant experts to help you work on your grant application means that you have one less thing to worry about. As such, you can eliminate the pressure and stress of trying to put together a grant proposal without proper counsel. 

Expert advice

Most grant firms have achieved great success on applications that they’ve prepared. They often have direct connections with grant program coordinators and understand what is needed to ensure that your grant application stands out from the competition. 
Either way, when you hire a company to help you with your grant, you get the full benefit of a wealth of experience that they have gathered over the years working on hundreds, if not thousands of applications. Grant experts also know the technicalities of the industry and will use this to your benefit.

Excellent grant application 

The importance of this point cannot be overemphasized. With a competent company helping you process your grant, you are more likely to submit a professional and comprehensive grant application that will have the needed positive effect on the grant reviewers. There is nothing worse than spending hours on an application and not knowing if it stands up against others submitted. Leverage the help of experts to ensure that you have the best chance of grant success.
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Cost of Hiring a Grant Consulting Firm 

There are numerous types of grants available in Canada. Due to the varying scope of complexity and monetary weight of different grants, it isn’t very easy to fix an exact amount on the total cost of hiring a grant processing company. However, we will give you an estimate of what you should expect to spend to secure premium grant consulting services.
Some grant consultants in Canada charge per hour, particularly if they work with non-profit or charities. On average, most people that use the services of these companies pay between $150 and $250 per hour during the entire process. But that is just an average price. 
However, if you are lucky, you may find grant consultants who have the option of working based on the success of securing grant funding for your business. In that case, they are sharing your risk and have a vested interest in the outcome achieved. You should expect that such consultants may offer strategy sessions to better understand your company holistically and pick out grants of interest throughout the year.
Bear in mind that you cannot know the total amount you will eventually pay based on the hourly rates. This is because you cannot envisage with certainty the number of hours you will spend working on your grant. However, what these numbers can do is to guide you in planning for your grant application expenses. 
Your total cost will depend on the

  • The complexity of your grant
  • Paperwork requirements 
  • Grant requirements 
  • Post-grant approval reporting
  • Preparedness of the business



Grant consulting firms have made acquiring grants a much easier process. Although the grant application market is still very competitive, grant consultants will, by far, improve your chances of being awarded funding.
Companies will charge differently for their grant processing services, but it essential you do not trade quality service for a lower cost.
If your business is in Western Canada and you seek to hire grant consulting firms to support grant opportunities that your company qualifies for, please reach out to us. Our experts will be more than happy to help you get granted with greater ease.
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