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Customer Success
How Granted Helped BRX Mortgage for Training Grants

Executive Summary

  • BRX Mortgage faced substantial costs associated with hiring and training new agents in a competitive industry.
  • Granted identified and secured relevant grants for BRX Mortgage, streamlining the application and post-approval processes.
  • Granted’s expertise proved invaluable to BRX Mortgage, serving as a pivotal resource in identifying potential grant opportunities for the growing startup.

About BRX Mortgage

BRX Mortgage is one of Canada’s fastest-growing mortgage brokerages. Their ambition is to build a billion-dollar brokerage, and they are committed to empowering their agents to assist everyday Canadian borrowers. Their culture emphasizes collaboration among agents and brokers, filtering out competition and focusing on mindset mastery. The brokerage operates with a virtual foundation, offering state-of-the-art systems and tools to its agents. Licensed in ON, BC, and AB, BRX Mortgage is a beacon of innovation in the mortgage industry.


BRX Mortgage, despite its rapid growth and innovative approach, faced challenges in terms of hiring and training new agents. With the competitive mortgage industry, the costs associated with hiring and training new agents can be substantial. BRX Mortgage was searching for financial assistance to supplement these costs and keep their spending in check.

How Granted Helped

Recognizing the challenges BRX Mortgage faced, Granted stepped in with its Boutique Grant Service. This service is tailored to help businesses like BRX Mortgage identify grants they are eligible for, assist in the application process, and ensure a smooth post-approval process to secure the funds. 

Granted’s expertise in the grant landscape made it possible for BRX Mortgage to pinpoint hiring and employee training grants that were a perfect fit for their needs.

“Granted has been a great resource so far in helping seek out grants we may be eligible for.”

Lauren Bell

Chief of Staff & HR

If you operate a technology-based small business in Canada, head over to our Grant Calculator to find out how much grant funding you could qualify for!