Customer Success – ClearDent

Customer Success
ClearDent was able to secure over $167,000 in grant funding with Granted in their first year

Executive Summary

  • ClearDent wanted to upskill their staff and grow their team
  • Granted was hired and was able to secure $167,000+ in their first year
  • ClearDent got 18 grant approvals in just 12 months


ClearDent is an all-in-one dental practice management software made by Canadians, for Canadians. Founded in 2002, the company aims to help dentists work smarter and go paperless with a suite of tools to increase efficiency, productivity, workflow, and patient experience. 

Their suite of tools also includes ClearConnect, ClearInsight, ClearVault, and ClearDent Cloud; these features serve to help dental practices in Canada manage their practices so they can focus on what matters – their patients. 

ClearDent’s team was working hard to grow their platform with the support of grant funding. As the company steadily grew larger, they had less and less time to dedicate to grant management.  


As the platform grew and features were added and developed, ClearDent needed to scale their team appropriately. With a growing team of talented technology professionals, they saw an opportunity to further grow and upskill their staff. 

In previous years ClearDent had begun exploring grant funding as a way to support their growth. As a SaaS company, it became apparent that the grant opportunities for tech businesses are plentiful, particularly because they frequently hired students and interns. They were successful in securing several hiring grants through local programs including DS4Ys and WorkBCs. 

With this success, they were excited to continue their growth with the support of grant funding.

Grant Challenges

ClearDent had success securing grant funds on their own. Simultaneously, the company was growing and hit 50 employees in 2021. They found themselves overrun with other responsibilities and no longer had the time or resources to dedicate to grant management. 

Given their previous success with grants, they knew there were opportunities they were missing out on. In an effort to address this, they reached out to Granted for help.  


Granted was hired in July 2021 to take on the grant management responsibilities for ClearDent. After their first strategy session, Granted got to work to map out their grant strategy based on their hiring and training needs. 

To help ClearDent grow their team, Granted identified several hiring grant programs and got a new staff member funded in under one month. This evolved further and, with the help of Granted, ClearDent has received grant approvals almost every single month.


To date, Granted was able to secure: 

  • 4 Training Grants
  • 14 Hiring Grants
  • Over $167,000 in grant funding.

To date, Granted has been able to get over $167,000 in funding for ClearDent. This includes several hiring grants to hire top tech talent and push their business to new heights. Additionally, they wanted to upskill their team and got training grants to subsidize the cost of leadership training and skills development. Looking to the future, with the help of Granted, ClearDent hopes to leverage market expansion grants to bring their software to dentists in international markets.

By signing up with Granted, we were able to take the grant management responsibilities off of our team’s plate so they could get back to growing our business. Granted’s competency and hands-on customer service have allowed us to grow our team and secure more grant funding than we ever thought possible.

Tram Pham

People & Facilities Manager