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How Granted Helped ngx Secure Over $72,000 in Hiring Grants in 10 Months

Executive Summary

  • ngx didn’t have the time or resources to dedicate to grant management
  • They needed support to hire more staff and train their team members
  • With the help of Granted, ngx has secured over $72,000 in grant funding in 10 months

About nxg

ngx Interactive is a creative technology studio based in Vancouver with over 20 years of experience in visitor engagement. Their team of talented creatives bridges disciplines to curate custom media experiences guided by three concepts: expression, agency, and relevance. 

Their mission is to push technology to new heights to create novel and meaningful experiences. They work with organizations worldwide including the Smithsonian, Jurassic World, BC Children’s Hospital, the Dubai UAE Expo, and more. Their commitment has garnered them multiple awards including the 2019 Communicator Award of Excellence in multiple categories, and the HOW International Design Merit Award in multiple categories in 2019.


In 2021, ngx was getting ready for another big year in 2022. To maintain their growth trajectory, they needed to hire the right people and push for more digital positions including animators, graphic designers, and video editors. Finding the right people to grow their team meant ngx could continue to branch out and deliver the highest quality work. 

Additionally, they were looking for more ways they could support their talented team members. Training was identified as a method to upskill their staff to better serve their clients and support career development to promote from within. With their hiring and training needs, ngx needed some support to make it work.

Grant Challenges

As a company, ngx moves incredibly fast. Their success is owed to the dynamism in their operations and how quickly their team executes projects. With many projects and business growth efforts on the go, they didn’t have the time to dedicate to grant management. 

Without the time and resources needed, ngx didn’t know what kind of grant funding they would qualify for, how small business grants work, or where to get started.

Granted’s Technology Services

To ensure our clients are speaking with someone that understands their business and their grant needs, our Grant Angels specialize in different industries. We have an in-house technology specialist that has the inside scoop on grants in the technology sector so our clients can work with industry experts. 
If you’re a small business owner in the technology sector, and you’re wondering what kind of grants you could qualify for, head over to our Grant Calculator to get connected with one of our Grant Strategy Consultants!


After becoming a client in March 2022, Granted has helped ngx secure over $72,000 in hiring grants. This has allowed them to grow their team and cushion their bottom line and improve operational efficiency. The next step for ngx is investing in training for their team so they can upskill and explore their career progression. With the help of Granted, this training will be covered by grant funding and ngx can continue to invest in their company.

“Working with Granted has been an absolute pleasure. They have been cordial, professional, and keep in constant contact with me and my team. They not only provide valuable information on good funding opportunities for all new employees, but they also do the follow-up work for me! It has been an eye-opening experience to learn about all the funding available out there, funding that I would never find without the valuable assistance from Granted.”

Jo-Ann Coggan

Director of People
ngx Interactive