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Customer Success – Taymor Industries

Customer Success
How Granted Helped Taymor Industries Secure Over $117,000 in Grant Funding

Executive Summary

  • Taymor Industries’ goal was to re-establish the strength of their businesses by setting out to hire about 10 new staff.
  • Granted identified hiring and training grants aligned with their business objectives that are oriented to both facility operations and management positions.
  • Granted helped Taymor Industries secure over $117,000 from grant funding to upskill their staff and hire more staff for key corporate and manufacturing positions.

About Taymor Industries

Founded in 1948, Taymor is a proud family-owned company that provides exceptionally designed, high-quality door and bath hardware solutions for residential and commercial developments across North America. Over the last 70 years, Taymor has grown to become an industry leader, establishing offices in Vancouver and Toronto as well as distribution centres in the United States.


Despite maintaining (and in some respects growing) their operations throughout the pandemic, restrictions caused Taymor’s new hire rate to drop from 12 to 0. To address this staff deficit, Taymor set a goal to hire 10 new team members in 2021.

Grant Challenges

To meet their hiring target without sacrificing their business goals, Taymor decided to work with Granted Consulting. As experts in the grant application process, Granted took over the laborious and meticulous work of submitting an application so Taymor could focus on expanding, growing, and developing their business through the pandemic and beyond. Since signing on with Granted in 2017, Taymor has secured funding to help shoulder some of the onboarding costs for hiring new employees, and training costs for upskilling existing staff.

Granted and Taymor

At Granted, we are committed to securing grant funding to companies no matter their size. Although Taymor was well established in their industry with substantial international success before becoming a client of ours, there is always room to save while growing a business and funding hiring and employee training programs is one of the best ways to do so!

Our specialized manufacturing consultants are committed to matching clients with grants specific to their industry that offer the best opportunity to help them grow. That is, when farming grants for clients, we focus on ways to upscale each branch of the business. For specialized manufacturing companies like Taymor, we find hiring and training grants oriented to facility operations and management positions. That way, a manufacturer can develop corporate talent without compromising their trade operations. 


  • 17 training grants
  • 9 hiring grants

Granted has been in partnership with Taymor since 2017. From then to now, we have helped them secure over $117,000 in grant funding, which has allowed them to support their team members’ career development through training grants and filling key corporate and manufacturing positions that contribute to overall company growth.

“We’ve partnered with Granted Solutions for several years. By having them be our dedicated grants specialists it ensures we don’t miss grant opportunities and removes the burden of needing to know all the nuances of different grants across Canada. The bottom line is that they save us time and get us money that in turn allows us to allocate more resources to supporting our people, whether through the growth of our team or the growth of the team’s skills. It’s a smart partnership.”

Shannon Sweezey

HR Manager