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Customer Success – Pearl Manufacturing

Customer Success
How Granted Helped Pearl Secure Over $83,000 to Grow Their Operations in Under 10 Months

Executive Summary

  • Pearl Manufacturing had multiple business goals including expanding their B2B business that depended on their ability to hire more staff for their warehouse and showrooms.
  • Granted identified hiring and training grants aligned with their business objectives to grow their operations.
  • Pearl Manufacturing secured over $83,000 from grant funding to hire more staff for their Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia locations, and train their leadership team to upskill their staff.

About Pearl

Based in Vancouver, Pearl Canada manufactures premium home fixtures that combine both traditional and contemporary designs with superb craftsmanship. Their products include sinks and faucets, and mirrors for kitchens and bathrooms, as well as toilets, mirrors, light fixtures, hardware, and accessories. 

Since its inception in 1998, Pearl has grown their operations with over 1,500 partners and four boutique showrooms across Canada. They also run virtual showrooms to help Canadians experience their products and gain more insight into their quality through the pandemic. 


In 2021, Pearl had identified its primary goals for the following year. This included increasing their B2B business, integrating more technology into their operations, furthering distribution, exploring e-commerce opportunities, establishing a new location in Ontario, and more. 

All of this hinged on their ability to hire more staff for their warehouse and showrooms. As a small business, they looked for government funding programs that could help them meet their goals. They were able to apply for some seasonal grants, but found the process time consuming, and wondered what else was out there.  

Grant Challenges

Like many bustling companies, it’s difficult to find the time to dive into grants. In 2021 Pearl was busier than ever, and it wasn’t about to slow down any time soon. They had tried to apply for grants on their own, and found the process tiresome and complicated. What’s more, they didn’t know which grants they would qualify for as a manufacturer. Were there specific grants they could leverage? How would they find them? If they found them, how would they apply?

Granted can answer these questions, and more. 

Granted and Manufacturing

Granted has Grant Consultants that are specialized by industry. This ensures that our clients are working with someone that understands the ins and outs of their industry, and therefore, which grants they can apply for. 

This is important as each industry operates differently. For example, the farming sector has more seasonal workers than other industries, and tech companies have more interns and co-ops than others. 

Manufacturing is no different. It has its quirks and requires an intimate understanding to then apply to the grant landscape. Our resident manufacturing experts are here to take on the entire grant application process so our clients can focus on doing what they do best. 


  • 2 training grants
  • 10 hiring grants

Since joining Granted in January 2022, Pearl has been able to secure over $83,000 in grant funding. This helped them hire more staff for their Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia locations, and train their leadership team to upskill their staff. With the support of government funding, their bottom line was maintained and they could operate with a larger team to scale the business, bringing them closer to achieving their goals. 

“We are very happy with the Granted team. They are very experienced, diligent, quick to respond and easy to work with, especially with our tight hiring timelines. Granted has helped us apply for and secure grants we otherwise would not have known about and this has benefited our small business in saving thousands of dollars in wages. I have applied for grants myself in the past and it is an overwhelming process. However, Granted has saved me hours of time and anxiety of not knowing if I had all the correct information for approval. We definitely recommend Granted for your grant funding needs.”

Winnie Chang

HR Administrator