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Customer Success
How Granted Helped The Cheerful Pelvis Get $53,000+ in Grants

Executive Summary

  • The Cheerful Pelvis faced challenges in securing funding for hiring for their physio clinic in Vancouver.
  • Granted assisted The Cheerful Pelvis by identifying eligible grants, aiding in the application process, and guiding them post-approval.
  • As a result, The Cheerful Pelvis successfully obtained over $53,794 in grant funding, enabling them to expand their services.

About The Cheerful Pelvis

The Cheerful Pelvis is a dedicated team of professionals who work collaboratively to offer a unique and streamlined service to their clients. Their primary focus is on pelvic health, and they aim to diagnose the root cause of issues, which may not always be in the pelvis. Their approach is holistic, emphasizing the mind-body-heart connection. They value humility, commitment to growth, reflective integrity, supportive relationships, and sincerity. They aim to partner with their clients in their care, guiding rather than directing the healing process.


The Cheerful Pelvis sought funding to support various aspects of its operations. Specifically, the clinic aimed to use these funds to hire both full-time and seasonal staff, enhance the digital aspects of the business, provide training for physiotherapists, and cover other associated costs. However, identifying suitable grants for which the clinic was eligible, as well as navigating the intricate application process, posed a substantial challenge.

How Granted Helped

The Cheerful Pelvis turned to Granted and subscribed to the Boutique Grant Service. With this service, Granted assisted The Cheerful Pelvis in identifying grants they were eligible for. The team at Granted not only helped them apply for these grants but also guided them through the post-approval process, ensuring that they received the funds they were entitled to.


Thanks to the dedicated assistance from Granted, The Cheerful Pelvis successfully secured over $53,794 in grant funding. This financial boost was pivotal in helping them open their new physio clinic in Vancouver and hire the necessary staff. With the new clinic, The Cheerful Pelvis can now offer exceptional services to a broader clientele, furthering its mission to provide top-notch pelvic health care.

“Granted has helped us find grants that are available specifically to our business. This saves us time in researching and helps us speed up the process of receiving the grant funds.”

Marine Barret-Chabanon

Head of Operations & Growth

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